My New Team Jacob Eclipse Locket: Rawwwrrr!

Twilight: Eclipse in One Minute


Elena Kagan Gets Asked About “Edward vs. Jacob”


Twilight Captions: Nipple Twist

Here’s my second caption creation. I’ll post more next week. And, if you think of funny captions for this photo, post them in the comments section and I’ll give you credit if I use your stuff.

Twilight Captions: Even Robert Pattinson is Team Jacob

I love this image. I was going to script thought bubbles for each of the actors. But, my savvy buddy Ben Acker suggested I create captions instead. I’ve created a handful so far. Here’s my first caption creation. The second will post tomorrow. And then, more next week. If you think of funny captions for this photo, post them in the comments section and I’ll give you credit if I use your stuff.

Screw Bella

Right?! That’s what I’m sayin’.

Why Twilight Is Popular (the Oatmeal)


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How Twilight Should Have Ended

Oh man, this would have saved us three agonizing sequel books/movies.

Twilight: Eclipse Trailer and Nutty Madam Reaction

The new Twilight:Eclipse trailer is out. And better than the trailer is Nutty Madam’s reaction to seeing it for the first (and second) time.

Taylor Lautner Stole Edilson Nascimento’s Abs

Apparently Taylor Lautner’s abs and pecs were fake in the New Moon poster. Well, to be fair, they were real abs and pecs, just someone else’s abs and pecs. They belong to model Edilson Nascimento (former Humpday Hotness). Well, we think the now officially legal Taylor Lautner is still a hunk and a half with or without Edilson’s abs.

Update: Boy Culture points out that it’s not clear that this was ever an official poster, but was instead a fan generated poster. That would explain it then…

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10 Reasons Why You Hate the Twilight Saga

Entertainment Weekly has a great piece on the 10 Reasons Why You Hate the Twilight Saga. Totally hilarious! And I agree with almost all of it. Some of my favorite reasons they include (and my comments) include:

1. Vampires Shouldn’t Sparkle
Dude, seriously. Hello Kitties sparkle. Vampires are dark and mysterious and turn into dust in the sunlight. NOT sparkle!!

2. Bella Is Too Broody
From EW: Our daughters deserve something more to aspire to than being a girl who will jump off a cliff into the northern Pacific because her bf breaks off their destructive relationship.

4. Kristen Stewart’s Perma-pout
From EW:Kristen Stewart’s acting style goes a little like this: crease brows, pout lips, hang mouth open and blow derisively through nose, roll eyes, repeat. Repeat and repeat and repeat incessantly for two hours.

5. Twi-Moms Are Weird
Seriously?! Cougars and werewolves and vampires, Oh My!

10. Robert Pattinson’s Just Not That Cute
The dude used to be cute in Harry Potter. He’s just aging badly, imho. When he smiled in a close-up in New Moon, his eye-wrinkles rippled across his face like a pebble disrupting a still pool of water. He’s supposed to be eternally 17 in the movie. RPattz needs to stop smoking and start moisturizing.

Reese Rideout Spoofs ‘New Moon’

Bella Who?


Dear Buffy…


Srsly, Mmmmmkkkaaaaay!

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Tyler Lautner New Shirtless Pics

Holy cradle robber chicken bait. Mama like…

tyler_lautner_01 tyler_lautner_02
tyler_lautner_03 tyler_lautner_04

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