Mama Grizzlies: Sarah Doesn’t Speak for Me

Sarah Palin’s Fifty Nifty United States Song

Fucking brilliant! It gets really good at the 1:25 marker.

Fucking Brilliant

This had me LOLing.

Fun with Words

Did Sarah Palin Get Breast Implants?

The internets are atwitter with the photographic evidence suggesting that Sarah Palin surgicically enhanced herself (potentially to more closely resemble the actress who portrayed her in Who’s Nailin’ Palin?).

From BuzzFeed:
Sarah Palin was spotted at the Belmont Stakes this weekend sporting a buxom new look that lead many to believe she may have recently had breast enlargement surgery. Sarah Palin breast implants? The folks at Wonkette say yes, but you be the judge.

(click to enlarge… the image, hehehe)

Martha Stewart Does Not Like Sarah Palin

Dude, you do not want to cross Martha Stewart. She was in the clink, yo. She will cut a bitch. Srsly.

Dear Citizens: “Upholding the Constitution” Is Not a Policy Issue

This one comes my way from my buddy Benacker.

Shatner Performs Sarah Palin’s Tweets as Poetry

Possibly even better than his previous performance.

William Shatner Does Sarah Palin

Bill is bloody brilliant:

Sarah Palin and the Beheaded Turkey

Notice the backdrop. Notice the reticence of the dude holding the Turkey. He must be thinking, “Should I really be doing this with Governor Sarah Palin on camera over there…?!”

The Mayans Were Right: The Demise of the World in 2012

Lene sent me this one and I loved it!

Sign of the Day: Goodwill Gets Snarky!

via CBS5:

The Right Begins to Destroy Sarah Palin

Yeah, there’s no way she’ll be back in 2012:

Palin Gets Pranked by Quebec Duo

Helen: I’ll Stop Calling Palin a Bitch When…

Helen reminds me of my grandmother. A must read.

New rules:

…I will stop calling Sarah Palin a bitch when she stops calling Obama a terrorist sympathizer. And I will stop calling Sarah Palin a bitch when she stops calling the parts of the country where I don’t live more Pro-American than the part of the country where I do live. And I will definitely stop calling Sarah Palin a bitch when she stops acting like a bitch.

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