Where’s My Free Health Care Coverage?

Customers flooded ehealthinsurance’s 800 line with questions about healthcare reform in March. Thousands of customers asked when their free Obamacare coverage started. Um… that was called “single-payer” and/or “the public option” and the Republicans turned both those systems into Satan-on-Earth, baby-killing, socialist-fascist-Hitler-grannie-killing, red herrings.

And I am left to wonder: Are people in this country truly that out of touch? Did the Republicans seriously obfuscate the issue such that people thought it was a single-payer takeover of healthcare? And that now that Obamacare has passed, those disillusioned people are wondering where their single-payer coverage is? If so, then the Republicans won on multiple accounts:

First, they fanned the fascist flames and killed the truest, strongest elements of reform. And second, by convincing the public that the remaining weakened reform bill was still a government takeover of health care, they have a pissed off populace that expects single-payer coverage that doesn’t exist. Damn! They are good.

Nancy Pelosi, You Rock!

She reminds the summit that the public option would save 120 billion, that it is already law to not publicly fun abortion, and points out many other important key factual inaccuracies. Give ’em hell, Nancy!!

Rep. John Shadegg (R) on Loss of Public Option

Man, this guy makes a lot of sense. The Dems are idiots for losing the public option.

Gov’t Insurance to Cover Prayer but Not Abortion?!

Via Dan Savage:

The government isn’t going to cover abortion—or allow you to buy a plan that covers abortion—but it is going to pay for… prayer?

Leaders of the Church of Christ, Scientist, are pushing a proposal that would help patients pay someone like Lewis for prayer by having insurers reimburse the $20 to $40 cost.

The provision was stripped from the bill the House passed this month, and church leaders are trying to get it inserted into the Senate version. And the church has powerful allies there, including Sens. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.), who represents the state where the church is based, and Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah), who said the provision would “ensure that health-care reform law does not discriminate against any religion.”

Faith healing. Deficit hawk Orrin Hatch and John Fucking Kerry (!) want health insurers to pay people to pray. Because not paying people to pray somehow amounts to religious discrimination? Jesus Christ, it’s time to start a new religion that has just two sacraments: abortion and homosexual sodomy. It might be the only way to protect choice and secure gay rights in this lunatic asylum we call a country.

Sen. Graham: The Govt. Would Be too Good to Compete With

“I think most people believe that if the government goes into the insurance business that the private insurers will fold because nobody can compete with the government. Politicians will write these policies very generous. They’ll never raise premiums, and eventually people in the private sector will give way to the government plan. Which is their goal, by the way.” -Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on FOX.

Um, so the government can do something better than the private sector and therefore they shouldn’t do it? That is freaking hilarious. What Senator Graham is suggesting is that Americans should settle for less; settle for a mediocre health care system because that’s the best that the private sector can provide. And, if we as a people can create a more effective and efficient system, we shouldn’t do it because what we create would be too good. Wow. Graham’s line of reasoning is just absurd. But maybe he’s right: Americans should settle for corporate mediocrity because that’s free market capitalism at its best. Hm. Fascinating.

Rachel Maddow Summarizes Health Care Options

A very succinct explanation of the types of healthcare systems and just how conservative the public option is. Thanks Rachel!

Senate Bill Will Include Opt-Out Public Option Plan

This may be the best news I’ve heard in weeks.

The Public Option to the Tune of “Annie”

via WGB

Call Diane Feinstein: Urge Support for Public Option

Here is the one thing you should do this week to help the public option pass: Call Diane Feinstein’s office.

If you live here in SF, tell Feinstein’s aide who answers the phone: “I am a constituent in the city where Senator Feinstein got her start, San Francisco. My city has health coverage for all residents. I want for all Americans what we San Franciscans have: a public option that helps to ensure the health of all citizens. Senator Feinstein has a long history of supporting health care bills. Please tell her to support the public option on my behalf. Thank you.”

Phone: (415) 393-0707 or email the Senator here.

DianneFeinstein1Feinstein and health care:
Feinstein skeptical on cost of public option

Feinstein’s solid record on health care

Feinstein’s stated position on health care issues

Public Option as American as Apple Pie

Progressives Put Pressure on Reid Over Public Option

I make this pledge today: If Reid does not stand up for the public option in the Senate, I will not financially support him in his reelection next year. If he takes a bold stand and gets a public option into the Senate bill, I will donate money to Mr. Reid’s reelection campaign. Simple enough.

Hell Freezes Over: O’Reilly Wants Public Option

I’m speechless.

Robert Reich Explains the Public Option

Robert Reich is one of my heroes. Here, he explains the public option in under three minutes. And, he underscores who the big money interests are that want to defeat it. Finally he says the only way to get reform is to call your representatives. He says, “Make Your Voices Heard. This is your last chance.” With that in mind, find the contact information of your representatives here and CALL THEM.

There Are Lots of Public (Govt-Run) Options


Why We Need Government-Run Health Insurance

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