Smug Shaggy

Why is Shaggy grinning while Fred is hanging is head in shame?

Make sure you find out after the jump (NSFW)

Jamie Kennedy Goes Full Frontal

Jamie Kennedy has decided to show it all for his new film Finding Bliss. For the full frontal and several additional shots, visit DudeTube. Site is very NSFW.

Penis Acting 101 – NSFW

Because good penis acting can save a really really bad movie… well, maybe! Starring Jeremy Bilding.

Penis Acting 101 – watch more funny videos

Jamie Foxx: “I Love My Gay Fans. Nude Pic Was Me.”

It’s cool to see that Jamie Foxx is pro-gay. And, if you didn’t see Jamie’s full monty nude pic that circulated, then you missed out. I’m a bit stunned to hear that it was actually him. That is one major piece of meat he’s packing. Check out the NSFW pic after the jump.

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Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart Sex Tape – Eric Dane’s Peen

Fleshbot has a clip of the sex tape here. NSFW

I’m not posting pics or screencaps here because I’m sure there’s going to be legal fallout from this bullshize. But, if you want to see Rebecca Gayheart’s breasts or Eric Dane’s penis, then click through and enjoy.

Oh, and if you’re hoping for actual sex, don’t get your hopes up too high. There’s not much sex in this sex tape. It’s just three coked up space cadets wandering around a hotel room and trying to figure out how to use the spa tub.

Thanks to Chris Apollo for the breaking news.

Exposed Waterboys

Everyone is blogging about these two incidences. I felt it was irresponsible of me to not cover these fleshy photos too.

The first incidence involves Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco. His bulge has been spotted before at the beach. (Google it yourself, bitches, because that is not today’s story). No, today’s story is much, much better. You see, our little prince went scuba diving and upon his return to the ship he stripped out of his wetsuit. Peen-frenzied paparazzi caught the Prince showing off the crown jewels. And, damn, those are very nice jewels… (Make sure to click through after the jump to see the pics).

The second blog-worthy occurrence happened when US swimmer and gold medalist Ricky Berens (that’s him standing next to bong-happy Phelps) had a little wardrobe malfunction. The back of his suit ripped before his 4x100m freestyle relay and there just wasn’t time for him to change. Lucky for us, because that is some fine ass booty. (Again, lots of lovely pictures after the jump).

And, now I feel that I’ve done my duty in bringing the important peen and booty news of the week to you, my loyal readers.

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Ryan Reynolds Got Bulge: Real or Photoshopped?

I’d like to believe that this fine specimen of Canadian bacon showed off the bulge below on the red carpet. Somehow, though, it just screams FACON (fake bacon). Totally looks Photoshopped. What do you think?


Christian Ronaldo’s Penis?

OMGBlog has posted a pic that one of their readers claims is Ronaldo’s peen. It’s a pretty convincing shot. Perhaps it’s photoshopped, perhaps not. Either way, I’ve never been a big fan of Ronaldo’s until I saw this pic. In fact, jut the other day I was chit-chatting with my friend Chris Apollo about how we like Ronaldo’s sassiness and fashion boldness, but that we’re not really attracted to him generally. Well, if this pic is even remotely real, you can call me a convert!

Christian Ronaldo’s peen pic after the jump.
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Chris Hemsworth Wields the Big Hammer

chris_hemsworth_00 chris_hemsworth_thor_00

Chris Hemsworth, the hottie who played George Kirk (James Kirk’s daddy who dies on the Kelvin), has been cast as Thor in Marvel’s upcoming movie. I think it’s a good casting choice. First, Hemsworth is uber-dreamy enough to play the gorgeous, blond God of Thunder. Second, when Chris is all shaggy he’s kinda got a Norse look to him. Well, he could pull it off anyway.

Check out some hot pics of Chris Hemsworth. Those sure are some dreamy eyes…

chris_hemsworth_star_trek_01 chris_hemsworth_star_trek_02 chris_hemsworth_star_trek_03 chris_hemsworth_shaggy_01 chris_hemsworth_shaggy_02 chris_hemsworth_shaggy_03

And, it wouldn’t be a Thor movie unless the god gets to bare his muscular Nordic chest. I think with a little bit of training, Chris will be pumped enough to be carry the big hammer. He’s more than half-way there already. Check it out:

thor_shirtless_1 thor_shirtless_2 thor_shirtless_3 chris_hemsworth_shirtless_01 chris_hemsworth_shirtless_02 chris_hemsworth_shirtless_03

And here’s a couple clips of Chris playing the role of a surfer beach dude in the Australian soap opera Home and Away.

Victor Webster’s Erection Outtake on Mutant X


Chris Pine Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

This “artistic” representation of Chris Pine is sorta hilarious. It’s clearly not Pine’s peen, but it’s fun to pretend anyway. Many thanks to my new friend Alex for encouraging and heightening my new celeb crush on NewKirk.


Click through to see the full frontal image.
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Chris Pine’s Penis Bulge

I saw Chris Pine’s (aka young James T. Kirk’s) bulge on the IMAX. So, imagine it about 100 times this size. Oh yeah….


Justin Timberlake’s Bulge

I was browsing around the inter-tubes this weekend and stumbled upon these hilarious Photoshopped pics of Justin Timberlake’s bulge. You may remember that I posted the original screencap back when The Love Guru hit the theaters. Gotta love people’s creativity!

Watchmen Update: Awesome Pic of the Big Blue Penis

I finally found an awesome pic of Doctor Manhattan’s big blue uncut penis. And, as promised, I’m sharing it with all of you. Feast your eyes on this tasty piece of hunk of man flesh:

Check it out after the jump…
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Watchmen Review: Lots and Lots of Big Blue Penis

Watchmen was awesome. I saw it on the IMAX screen with Christian, Kenny, JT, Shelby, and Neal. Even though we got there later than planned and got less than perfect seats, it was totally worth it to see on the IMAX. Most importantly, we got to see Doctor Manhattan in all his nakedness three stories tall.

The storyline was complex, engaging, and un-Hollywood. The special effects blew my mind, and the characters were multi-layered and complicated. Everyone I saw the movie with enjoyed it.

But, let’s just cut to the chase here… Doctor Manhattan was naked a lot. And the producers did not shy away from showing his massive blue schlong, often. Near the end of the movie, they even show him walking and his blue elephant trunk is swaying back and forth with his movements. So very very very hot! And the good Doc’s ass was a huge piece of muscled yumminess. Not that any real man actually looks like that or should look like that. But, for a fantasy character, it suited him well.

Here are a few fun pics that I scoured from the nets this morning. I’ll post more screencaps of Doctor Manhattan’s big blue penis when I find them. Until then, go see the movie yourself and witness his phallic godliness yourself.




movie_manhattan_lego_dupe manhattan_lego

groening-watchmen lego_watchmen


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