Tight End – A Homoerotic Football Fantasy (NSFW)

I think this was the performance from the charity event Broadway Bares (or is it Broadway Cares) last year. This is the best video footage I’ve seen yet.

The description from YouTube:
Professional dancers dressed as football players, stripping and kissing. A dance performance for charity, June 2009. The song is LET IT ROCK by Kevin Rudolph.

Ricky Martin Is Naked and Hot

Kellan Lutz Megapost

It’s always, “Taylor Lautner this, Robert Pattinson that.” Okay, Robert Pattinson is a gross heroine-sheik freakazoid (dude, read his interviews, dude is whack). And Taylor Lautner just barely became legal, and if you look past his rockin’ body, he’s sort of got a pug nose. (If you’re reading this Taylor: I’d still totally bend over for you, TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAY!)

So let’s get down to business. Kellan Lutz is in the Twilight movies for like two seconds. But, he deserves way more attention, because he’s hot and motherfucker is stacked. Dude, you start to think he’s on roids, but then he speaks and he’s all cuddly and sweet. No roid rage. So, who knows. But if they’re thinking of recasting for Hulk 3 and want to save on the special effects budget, they should consider casting Kellan. Slap some green paint on those muscles (I volunteer to be that makeup artist) and have him practice saying “Hulk Smash” and you’ve got your movie made!

Oh, and you know that if there’s any gay hanky panky on the set of Twilight, Kellan is totally doing Taylor doggy style, making Taylor howl like a wild werewolf in heat.

Also, if you’ve seen the picture that supposedly shows Kellan’s pubes, it’s not legit. I’ve included the Kellan pube pic, the actual pic of the model whose body and pubes got photoshopped, and a side-by-side comparison at the end of the gallery. Sorry to burst your gay fantasy bubbles.

Anyway, enjoy the following megapost of hot pictures of Kellan Lutz. It’s not completely comprehensive, but it oughta give you enough spank material to last for a couple of hours. Ha!

Kellan Lutz in various states of undress after the jump

Enrique Iglesias Gets Naked in “Sad Eyes” Music Video

YouTube took the video down. You can still see it here.

Holy Latin hotness. Via Unzipped:

Back in 2000, Enrique Iglesias made a video for his Bruce Springsteen cover, “Sad Eyes,” but apparently there was too much flesh being flashed, so the clip got shelved. Thankfully, someone realized that the world needed to see Enrique Iglesias naked, wet, and stroking himself, and the music video was recently released.

A masturbating Enrique, wild bathtub f–king, and a 12-foot stripper pole/Enrique c-ck make this exactly the kind of softcore porn we can appreciate. Enjoy.

Green Lantern: The Way He Appears in My Dreams


Forget Ryan Reynolds for the part of Green Lantern. I vote for this guy, instead.

Click through for the rest of the image.
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PUMA Index Model Flashes His Lil’ Latin Tiger


I’ve written before (here and here) about the hottie PUMA Index guy that strips as the stock market tanks. Well, good news for all y’all horny homos who like Latin peen. PUMA model Miguel Iglesias has done a lot of other modeling work, including a full-frontal shot. Enjoy the gallery and his penga after the jump. I am sooo keeping my eyes glued to the PUMA Index site from now on and hoping to see Miguel take off more of his clothes.


Of course, don’t miss the video on Facebook of his PUMA Index stuff, and a fun cute interview on YouTube:

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Jamie Foxx: “I Love My Gay Fans. Nude Pic Was Me.”

It’s cool to see that Jamie Foxx is pro-gay. And, if you didn’t see Jamie’s full monty nude pic that circulated, then you missed out. I’m a bit stunned to hear that it was actually him. That is one major piece of meat he’s packing. Check out the NSFW pic after the jump.

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Sexy Super Hero Objectification

As if objectifying the Disney Princes weren’t enough for one day, we also have this tasty tidbit. Some dude named Mindsweeper has Photoshopped some hot pics of superheroes. Love the objectifying of traditionally butch characters. Especially in genres that typically paint the female characters to be overly sexy, ridiculously thin, and/or frail/slutty.

Aquaman and Nightwing:
Aquaman_sexy Nightwing_sexy

More after the jump.
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Disney Princes

It’s great to see the Disney hunks get objectified in this way. Don’t miss Prince Edward (aka James Marsden) and his big bubbly booty (after the jump). Lots more characters featured here.

Aladdin and John (Pocahontas):
Aladdin John_Pocahontas

More after the jump.
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Channing Tatum’s Stripper Past on Video

Oh, helllll yes! (Video after the jump)


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Victor Webster Plays Gay on Melrose Place


If you didn’t already know, there’s a remake of Melrose Place on the boobtube. And, uber hottie Victor Webster is playing a gay character on the show. Yum!

You may recall my previous post about Victor with regard to his erection outtake while on the set of Mutant X. Here’s that video again:

Two more totally NSFW video clips AND a great gallery of hot naked pics after the jump.

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New Chace Crawford Pics: Dark and Dreamy

These new pics of Chace Crawford give me dirty ideas and a tingling sensation “down there.” Make sure to click through the rest of the post to see a sexy, shirtless photo and two of the photos below in larger format.


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Freddi Stroma Shows His Naked Butt?

It’s hard to tell if this is really Freddie Stroma, the new Harry Potter hunk. I’m just going to suspend disbelief and enjoy the possibility that that’s his delectable booty at the very end of this clip. Yum…

Update: Ethan over at EthanSays confirmed that this is not Freddie Stroma. It’s some other model. Thanks Ethan, for ruining our j/o fantasy material! 😉

Channing Tatum Brings the Hotness in GQ

I looooove Channing Tatum. He first caught my eye when he showed how silly he could be in She’s the Man. In that movie he’s confused by his attraction to Amanda Bynes who poses as a boy so she can play soccer on the boy’s team. Channing pulls off the Shakespearean confusion in such an adorable way.

Then Channing showed us how well he could dance in Step Up. And damn, can that boy move. Of course, there’s all the modeling he’s also done where he shows off his booty and peen. Check out those photos in my previous post. (NSFW!)

Now Channing gone and butched up to star in G.I. Joe this summer. (Funny how his characters in She’s the Man and G.I. Joe are both named Duke.) Anyway, the trailer looks awesome and the fact that my boy Channing is in it makes me want to go see it even more.

It’s also nice that the press build up to the movie has Channing modeling again. Check out some shots of Channing in GQ. So hot.

channing_tatum_GQ_01 channing_tatum_GQ_02

More hot clothing-free shots after the jump!
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MTV Real World’s Scott Herman is HOT in His Undies


You may remember that Scott Herman was one of our very first Humpday Hotness posts. As a fitness model, photos of him shirtless and such pop up all over the internet. Now we have a video interview of him in Undergear undies. Check out the video and after the jump several screencaps of the Scott’s hot body (and booty).

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