SpongeBob as Gaga

Ok, this is some funny shit:

Lady Gaga’s Alejandro Music Video

Please Replace Justin Bieber with this Kid, ASAP

Justin Bieber couldn’t sing his way out of a wet paper bag. I mean, have you seen his botched performances on SNL? One word: FAIL.

This kid, on the other hand. Whoa. Amazing voice, and he can sing while playing the piano too. Impressive.

Shared with the amazing artist who can also sing real pretty, Marc Scheff.

If Lady Gaga Wasn’t a Popstar


via Unzipped

Lady Gaga feat. Sesame Street – Telephone

Key of Awesome: Lady Gaga Telephone Parody

Funnnnny Shit:

A few more Key of Awesome parodies after the jump


Best thing ever: Dogs dressed as Lady Gaga. Thank you Dewitt (at MHDaily) for making my morning!

Lady GaGa & Beyonce: Telephone Music Video

Um… what?!

Phone on the Brain

God Hates GaGa (Westboro Baptist Church)

MHDaily explains:

The crazies over at Westboro Baptist Church have a new target in their cross hairs, the always fabulous Lady Gaga. The group did a cover version of “Poker Face” with lyrics like “You just got, you just got… your whorish face!” among other gems.

I probably shouldn’t bother publicizing the group’s work, but I think it’s so funny! They’re actually smart with getting their name out there on the internet, the only problem is that it’s always people ridiculing them.

Check out the video and at least get a good laugh at the insanity.

Lady GaGa’s ‘Teeth’ Video: Sexy Gay Vampires

Holy Hotness. Wow.

Men in Lace: Exterface Pays Tribute to Lady Gaga

Men in lace lingerie are hot. (Need proof? We’ve covered men in lace various times in the past here, here, and here – ALL NSFW.) EthanSays explains this current men in lace pictorial in more detail:

Exterface pays tribute to the fame monster herself, Lady Gaga, with their latest pictorial MONSTERS, starring Joh. MONSTERS was created for inclusion in Guarro #1, a fanzine produced by dirtyrentboy.

Lots of other great images from this pictorial at Exterface.

Acoustic Lady Gaga: She Really *Can* Sing

I was talking with someone the other day about the similarities between Lady Gaga and Madonna. My claim that, “at least Lady Gaga can readlly sing,” was met with skepticism. Well, here’s Lady Gaga singing Paparazzi acoustically while she plays the keyboard. Mmmhmmm. See?!

Lady Gaga Parodies to Get Your Day Started

Both of these are cute. The second one is totally NSFW, but totally worth it. I love the mock French near the end.

Lady Gaga’s ‘Ra Ga Ga Christmas’ album

Sherry Vine Parodies ‘Bad Romance’ with ‘Shit My Pants’

Twinky McTwinkersons: Bad BRomance

Oh man, if you like twinks and Lady Gaga, you’re going to go crazy for this:

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