The Adultery Double Standard: McCain vs. Edwards

This is really amazing to watch. Hannity just keeps repeating his talking point, “five and a half years of being tortured…,” while Colmes tries to point out the hypocrisy. Basically it’s this: the Right says Edwards can never be trusted on anything else, ever, because he cheated on his wife. But John McCain also admitted to cheating on his wife. So, shouldn’t we also not trust John McCain on anything else? Of course the Right has a conniption fit trying to backpedal off that topic.

The simple answer is this: If you’re going to attack Edwards over this like you did Clinton, you’d better play fair and attack McCain too. I still think this Right wing attack on Edwards is an attempt to destroy his chances of holding any sort of political appointment in the Obama administration.

Scarlet Letters: McCain vs. Edwards

Americablog ponders why the MSM seems to be far more concerned with Edwards’ affair than with McCain’s. My guess is that Edwards is pretty to look at and therefore easy to imagine having sex. John McCain, not so much.

John Edwards Did Have an Affair

But the love child isn’t his.

Damn it, John. Damn it.

Janet Napolitano: VP Possibility?

I knew almost nothing about Governor Janet Napolitano (Arizona) before this morning. Whether or not she gets chosen as Obama’s VP, she clearly has an amazing political future ahead of (and behind) her. It also seems that her dream job is U.S. Attorney General. I still fully endorse John Edwards for that role, but Napolitano is a fairly impressive candidate too.

Don’t miss Dana Goldstein’s fantastic article titled Janet Napolitano and the New Third Way, over at The American Prospect.

Edwards Endorses Obama, Starts the Mending Process

Edwards endorsed Obama last night at a rally in Michigan. Already the United Steelworkers Union, originally backers of Edwards, have signed on to support Obama. In addition, a handful of Edwards’ pledged delegates have line up behind Obama.

What’s most notable about Edwards’ speech is that he takes the first several minutes to praise and commend Clinton (initially eliciting boos from the Obamatrons in the audience). I think this was Edwards’ attempt to heal the wounds and start to bring the party back together. I think John Edwards is an amazing person and politician. I hope he finds a place in Obama’s cabinet or administration.

Edwards to Endorse Obama

CNN reports that John Edwards will endorse Barack Obama for President today. I can’t say I’m surprised. Edwards and Obama were running on complimentary campaign messages. I also noted that Edwards has been on CNN a lot recently. I only caught snippets of Edwards’ appearance on Larry King Live the other night, but he seemed to be pretty favorable of Obama.

Edwards Divided on Endorsement

John Edwards is “as split as the party he once hoped to lead — and is seriously considering supporting Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, despite the sharp criticism he leveled at her on the campaign trail, according to former aides and advisers,” ABC News reports.

In deciding between his one-time rivals, Edwards appears deeply divided. Several former advisers likened his thought process to a heart-versus-head split — with his heart favoring Sen. Barack Obama’s strong message of change, and his head attracted to Clinton’s tested nature and commitment to tough fights.

Read more at the Huffington Post.

Undecided ’08

Rebecca Traister has a great piece on Salon about her indecision between Obama and Clinton. Like me, she blames Edwards (in a good way) for having this incredible tough (and yet welcomed) choice to make. Worth a quick read.

Undecided As of Yet

When Edwards dropped out of the race, I thought for sure I would be an Obama guy. And for a few days I was. Then I watched the debate on Thursday night and Clinton impressed me quite a bit. Hrm. I guess tomorrow night I will review their policies extensively in the hopes that I figure out who to vote for before Tuesday.

Edwards Drops Out of the Race

I knew it was bound to happen. I am sad to see him go. The SF Chronicle has a nice piece on the effect he had on the race. I am glad, however, that he made this decision before Super Tuesday so that Edwards supporters can lend their support to Clinton or Obama.

Oh and Giuliani dropped out too. Surprise surprise…

John Edwards Rocks My World

He may not be able to win the nomination, but he still has my support.

California Primary Poll Results

Not that I think polls can predict anything too clearly. But, it is interesting to note that Clinton has held a 15-25% lead in California since last March. Look at Edwards’ numbers and look at Obama’s too. If you were to add those two together, Obama gets a lot closer to beating Clinton and taking California. If I were Obama’s people, I’d be having serious talks with Edwards’ people. I’d promise Edwards the VP nod if he drops out before Super Tuesday and throws all of his support behind Obama.

Don’t get me wrong. I love John Edwards, and want nothing more than for him to be our next president. But, I also see the writing on the wall. If Edwards can’t take South Carolina, he doesn’t have much of a chance of taking the party nomination. And it doesn’t look like he has a very good shot at taking his birth state.

John Edwards on CNN

I still want John Edwards to be the next President. I would settle for him being Obama’s VP too.

Early NH Results

Early precincts reporting:

Clinton 40%
Obama 36%
Edwards 17%

McCain 37%
Romney 29%
Huckabee 12%

How much longer will Edwards hang in there? Will Romney win a state soon? Is it soon going to be a McCain v. Huckabee contest very shortly?

I saw Ron Paul on Jay Leno last night. He sure is a likable personality. Given his fundraising ability, I wouldn’t put it past him to enter as an Independent in the general election.

I’ve decided I don’t care much for Lou Dobbs. Anderson Cooper is pretty, but pretty isn’t everything. Sure would be nice if there were a little more substance to his shows. I kind of like John Cafferty, even if he is stoic and grumpy.

Interesting Poll Numbers

From Salon:

..check out the new CNN/Opinion Research poll released today. In it, both John Edwards and Barack Obama do better than Clinton does in hypothetical head-to-head matchups with leading Republican contenders.

Edwards leads Rudy Giuliani by 11 percentage points, Obama leads him by eight, and Clinton leads him by six. Edwards leads Mitt Romney by 22 points, Obama leads him by 13, and Clinton leads him by 11. Edwards leads Mike Huckabee by 25 points, Obama leads him by 15 points, and Clinton leads him by 11. Edwards leads John McCain by eight points, Obama is tied with McCain, and Clinton trails McCain by two points.

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