Iron Man 3 Teaser Trailer

Yep. Gonna be awesome…

Attitude Adjustments

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Will You Marry Me?

This is awesome. I love how the two billionaire playboys have such different reactions. Bats is like “hell no,” while Tony Stark has his heels up over his head in two seconds flat. Hilarious!

Batman vs. Iron Man

Best thing ever.

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Payback Is a Bat(ch)

Marcos, my new buddy in Mexico sent me this image today, and I love it!


Iron Baby

Amazing. I love the giant safety pin as part of the armor.

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I Am Iron Man

While I was in New York, I was at an off-site company retreat. We spent the week discussing ways to make our company better, more competitive, and more creative. One of our creativity breakout sessions was to film a superhero exercise dance video. The video is still being edited. But here’s a picture of me dressed up. You better believe I was rocking the exercise moves. LOL.

Iron Man Fun Stuff

How Iron Man Should Have Ended:

Iron Man Versus Bruce Lee:

Iron Man vs Bruce Lee from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.

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New Iron Man Armor

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Dirty Dancing Sans Jennifer Grey, Avec Iron Man

Thanks to Amy Leblanc for sharing this.

Iron Man Has No Love for the TSA

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Iron Man really hates flying commercial airlines.
“Okay, Mr. Stark, let’s try this one more time…”

Iron Man in a Gay Hottub?

There’s tons of slash about Tony Stark and his BFF Rhodey (James Rhodes). Looks like this image might be another addition to the slash collection. That leg probably belongs to Rhodey.

Grasping Thor’s Hammer

Thanks to Nagu for sending this to me:

Iron Style by Sylvan Norget

Holy crap. These Iron Man pics are getting more than just Tony Stark’s suit all hard and revved up. Check out all of Sylvan’s stuff here.


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