Banned iPhone 5 Promo: Extramazinarylutioning

They get this so right:

iPhone on Verizon: Best Infographic Ever Created

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New iPhone 5 Revealed


iPhone 4 Video – The Deleted Scenes

OMFG, Hilarious.

“The iPhone 4 is literally sucking my dick, right now!”

iPhone 4 Video – The Deleted Scenes from Adam Scott

Thanks to Mitch for sharing this with me!

iPhone Balls

This made me laugh, in a stupid gay fratboy way. Just look at how all their balls are touching…

Cheap iPhone –> iPad Upgrade


No Flash

Apple Controls Your iPad, iPod, and iPhone

As much as I think the new iPad looks pretty, this poster outlines exactly why I won’t buy one and why a Google phone is likely to woo me away from my iPhone soon.

iNaked: iPhone Application

Awesome. Where do I get it? Price is unimportant, I want…

via MHDaily

Google Introduces the “Fuck You iPhone” Phone


iPhone Shuffle

iPhone App: There’s a Rep. for That

iPhone Video Projector

Despite this product being a-maz-ing, the review at Bitter Wallet cracked me up:

iPhone article every other day blah blah blah fanboys blah Apple blah best smartphone ever blah blah blah. MiLi Pro projector blah blah available this September blah:


Blah blah projects up to a 40 inch screen blah blah, blah blah VGA input cable and an RCA input cable blah blah connect to a laptop PC or DVD player. Blah blah aren’t iPhones brilliant and piss in my arse if you think otherwise blah blah blah.

Most Awesome iPhone Customization Evar!

iPhone app custom

How To Use the New iPhone OS 3.0 Features


Last night I downloaded the much anticipated iPhone OS 3.0 software. This morning I saw a few cosmetic changes, but wanted to know how to use them. I searched on Apple’s site extensively and could only find a list of features, not a guide on how to use them. My friend br1xt0n couldn’t find it either. My mid-day I’d tweeted the dilemma, and no replies. I was getting pissed.

My friend James tweeted a link that kept me pacified for a little while. He posted a list of the top 10 hidden features of the new OS. Okay… but what about cut-and-paste? What about all the other magic we were promised?! As I said in my tweet, I was starting to feel like Harry Potter — magical wand in hand, but with no spell book to guide me.

Finally br1xt0n posted the answer. A blog post that listed the best 40 features of the new OS and how to use them. Sweet! Now I can actually use the new awesomeness. Well, except for tethering. AT&T doesn’t support that yet. Oh, and forget MMS (sending images via text message). AT&T is still waaay behind on that one too. We’re told those features will be available by end of summer (yeah, riiiiight!).

And, did I mention that I can’t use my iPhone at my new house? Apparently line-of-sight to the towers on Twin Peaks doesn’t guarantee cell coverage. I get absolutely no 3G coverage and about one bar of Edge. Visual voicemails take over ten minutes to download to my phone. I have to see who’s calling, wait for them their attempted call to end, and then call them back on Skype.


I fully plan on calling AT&T tomorrow and complaining… vehemently. What’s more, I will call every Friday until the problem is fixed. I effing hate AT&T. How can Apple still be pinning their phone to such a sub-par provider? And, how can AT&T not have every inch of San Francisco blanketed in rich 3G goodness? San FRAN-CISCO.

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