Cheap iPhone –> iPad Upgrade


2010 = 1984

Apple launched its Macintosh brand with the amazing commercial below which promised that 1984 would not be like 1984. In other words, the totalitarian control of your thoughts, actions, and computer use would be thwarted by the introduction of a novel computer called Macintosh. It was brilliant and rang mostly true. It’s also what set in motion the fervent cult-like following by Apple’s die-hard loyalists.

Then came the Apple’s mobile operating system (first on the iPhone in 2007 and now on iPad in 2010) that completely controls your actions and user experience. I guess what Apple meant to say was, “1984 won’t be like 1984. But 2010, that’ll be just like 1984.”

If this video were remade today, it would have Steve Jobs on the jumbotron preaching to a bunch of brainwashed people with Apple stickers on their hoodies, an iPhone glued to one hand and an iPad glued to the other. Oh, and the people marching in the hallway? That’s the day-long line to get into the Apple Store to buy the new iProduct on opening day.

Dog Doesn’t Like iPad

This cute Corgi must be waiting for the Android tablet.

iPad = Expensive Cat Toy

I love this:

Dear Apple,

Should You Buy an iPad

via Hackenblog

iPad Product Placement on Modern Family, FTW

Wow, that’s really brilliant product placement.

FoxTrot on the iPad

FoxTrot is great. Do you get it?!

iMaxi: The Apple iPad Cover/Case with Protective Wings

Omg, we all knew it was going to happen somehow or another. But this is just hilarious. Thanks Estephania for sharing this with us.

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Can You See Me Now?!

Evolution: By Steve Jobs


Thanks go to Casey for sharing this one with me!

Apple Controls Your iPad, iPod, and iPhone

As much as I think the new iPad looks pretty, this poster outlines exactly why I won’t buy one and why a Google phone is likely to woo me away from my iPhone soon.

Guys With iPads

So, if you’re gay then you know about And if you don’t know about the site, are you sure you’re gay? Just sayin… Anyway, Unzipped postulated what a GuysWithiPads would look like. HILARIOUS.

The New Apple iPad (Mad TV Skit)

From a few years ago:

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