Humpday Hotness – Brett Reeves

I can’t find any biographical info on this cute little stud. But know this: the gallery after the jump has some hot pics of Brett from an S&M themed photo shoot titled “I Want to Do Bad Things to You.” Enough said.

Some amazingly naughty pics after the jump

Humpday Hotness – Brody Harris

This cute little blond muscle twink caught my eye right away. I love short guys. And at 5’7″ Brody now occupies a permanent spot in my late night fantasies. Also, he’s an artist, which totally makes me swoon. And he lives in San Francisco. How do I meet this guy and propose already?

Here’s how he describes himself:

I am a creative, active and artistically talented man who enjoys expression and life. Beyond modeling, I am also a painter/actor and I feel that I have a great eye for the art industry.

More of this cute little muscle twink after the jump

Humpday Hotness – Josh B

My heart is palpitating. Those eyes… and cheekbones… jawline… pecs… abs… and ass! I hope we see a whole helluva lot more of Josh B in the future. I know I’ll be seeing a lot more of him real soon in dreamland.

An OMG amazing fuck my breath away gallery after the jump

Humpday Hotness – Seth Kuhlmann

I’ve been noticing Seth all over the gay blogs and Tumblr lately. I finally decided it was time to scour the nets and post a huge gallery of his hottest pics. I love his thick brow and steamy eyes. But best of all, his butt! Wow. That ass. Just. Wow.

Check him out at his web site here.

An awesome gallery of Seth and his cute booty after the jump

Humpday Hotness – Jesse Brown

Here’s how Jesse describes himself:

My name is Jesse Brown. I am originally a farm boy from Montana. I currently reside in Idaho. I joined this site to build contacts and potentially do more modeling! I just recently worked with Justin Monroe and it was amazing. It was basically my first time working with a professional. I hope to get more opportunities in the future and see where it takes me. Hopefully you enjoy my pictures. Thank you for taking your time.

Read Jesse’s interview with Beautiful Magazine here.

Some sizzling hot shots of Jesse, his amazing ass, and his dick too

Humpday Hotness – Brian Shimansky

Form a profile I snagged: Brian Shimansky was born and raised in West Caldwell, NJ. As a kid growing up, he was always involved in sports and various outdoor activities. His current hobbies and interests include baseball (pitched 4 years in college and currently coaches for his former high school team), fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and snowboarding.

And let’s not forget he has steamy eyes and rockin’ ass. And whatever you do, do not miss the last photo in the gallery. Totally NSFW, but totally worth it.

Lots more of the delectable Brian Shimansky after the jump

Humpday Hotness – Marcos

There’s not much to say here. Unfortunately, there are only a few pictures of Marcos circulating around the webs. And without a full name, I can’t find out much more about him. If you can point me in the direction of more pics, you’ll have my eternal gratitude. Until then, enjoy the quick gallery of images featuring this smoking hot stud.

Three more hot pictures of Marcos after the jump

Humpday Hotness – Daniel Garofali

I’ve seen pics of Daniel scattered across the web, but have never seen them all in one place. So I set out to do just that: To present a stunning large gallery of pics for you. And let me tell you, this effort took a toll on my energy levels. At this point I’m just too damned lazy to say much original about him. So here’s a bio I spotted elsewhere:

Daniel Garofali, born January 8, 1987, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, is an Australian model and dancer.

Garofali lived and worked as a dancer on a cruise liner when he was 18 and got his first break when he performed with Australian pop star, Nikki Webster, in her shows. His exposure ended up getting agencies and photographers interested in him.

Garofali lists his hobbies and interests as acting, hiphop, contemporary dance, jazz ballet, tap, classical ballet, funk, musical theatre, singing (baritone), rollerblading, horseriding, soccer, rockclimbing, swimming, athletics, basketball, and football.

A huge image gallery and more videos of Daniel’s after the jump

Humpday Hotness – Vince Ramos

Two words: Muscle Butt. One more word: Tattoos. And another: Washboard. One more: EYES.

Vince has it all. A gorgeous face and a rockin’ body to go with it. Sometimes when guys get as muscular as Vince, their faces get all distorted (ahem, Zeb Atlas). But Vince still has a cute little baby face with sizzling eyes to top it all off. And that butt. It’s perfect in every way. I only found two dozen or so shots of Vince for today’s feature. But trust that if I find more, I’ll update you all with a special Bonus Humpday Hotness feature.

Lots of amazing pics of Vince’s hot muscle ass after the jump

Humpday Hotness – Nic Haas

Nic Haas is goooorrrrgeous. I was mesmerized by some pics I came across of his on Tumblr, so I decided to do some digging and find all the photos of him that I could. Trust me, you’ll thank me for my efforts once you see the gallery, after the jump. I was a little too lazy to write my own summary about him, so I’m reusing this bio from somewhere:

Nic Haas, aka Nick Hawk was always intrigued by Hollywood, glamor and wanted a piece of it but had to start somewhere. Born and raised in the Madison, Wisconsin area he grew up working on farms, racing dirt bikes, snowboarding, wakeboarding, fishing, hunting, camping and going to bonfire parties where he free-styled for his friends. His favorite incentive of school was wrestling and football. He decided he needed to get away and joined the Air Force for a four-year-tour so he would receive the GI Bill and have his college paid for. His first gig was on the Tyra Banks show and he saw the Hollywood sign for the first time on top of the studio building and he knew he was home. While finishing college he bartended, trained and stripped to pay the bills. He graduated college in ’07 with an English major that focused on Creative Writing and Drama. During his last year of college he started his company Explicit Entertainment and In 2008 he was on the cover of Men’s Health UK. In 2009 he took second in the world in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and continues to practice as a purple belt and also has his own clothing line Explicit Apparel. You can also see him in the video below, where he did a stint with

The amazing gallery of Nic’s smokin’ hot body after the jump

Humpday Hotness – Ilya Safronovich

Weeks ago I stumbled upon some leaked photos of Ilya’s table photo shoot (keep reading and you’ll see what I’m talking about). His tattoo was stunning, not to mention his perfect musculature, gorgeous skin, and perfect ass. I knew the photographer was Alex Bego, but I couldn’t seem to figure out who the model was. Then I stumbled upon the full table shoot with Ilya’s full name included. That led me to Ilya’s Russian modeling profile. Score!!

Enjoy the gallery of sexy Ilya, after the jump

Humpday Hotness – Gay Ski Week

I hate the cold. I hate the cold snow. So it stands to reason I also hate skiing. That being said, if the slopes were filled with guys that looked like the ones in today’s gallery, I’d learn to accept the cold and snow real quick.

Lots of hot ski bunnies in various states of disrobe after the jump

Holiday Hotness

Happy Holidays, everyone! Enjoy these hot dudes dressed in various Santa/elf attire. Blogging will be lite over the next few days since I’ll be visiting my parents and the only internet where they live is dial-up. I’ll be back soon, though. Until then, Happy Holidays!

A robust and merry gallery of hot dudes after the jump

Humpday Hotness – Josh Monrad

Let’s face it, I’ve got booty on the brain. As if Brandon weren’t enough, now I’m sharing Josh with you. Sure Josh has purty golden locks, big muscly arms, stunning hazel eyes, and (from the looks of it) a pretty nice front package. But wait til you see the final picture in the gallery. Wow. Booooootaaaayyy. Yum!

A few hot shots of this stud after the jump

Humpday Hotness – Brandon Parker

If you follow my Tumblr account, then you probably know that I’m obsessed with booty. Nice big muscular behinds. And if you know me in person, you know the irony of this obsession. Today’s model Brandon has the most amazing bubbly muscular rump that I’ve ever seen. I’m in awe. I’m covetous. I’m in heat.

A great gallery of Brandon and his bodacious booty after they jump

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