Hillary Clinton as Supreme Court Nominee?

I was just telling my Mom this weekend that Obama’s nomination of Hillary Clinton for SCOTUS would make me super happy. She’s already indicated she won’t run for President again, and isn’t likely to server a second term as Secretary of State. This is the perfect role for her. I think she’d be a great Justice. Do it, Obama!!

Via HuffPo (via WGB)

WASHINGTON — Sen. Orrin Hatch says he’s heard Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s name mentioned in connection with the Supreme Court vacancy brought about by the retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens.

Hatch didn’t elaborate in an interview Monday. Appearing with Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy on NBC’s “Today” show, the Utah Republican said only, “I heard Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s name today and that would be an interesting person in the mix.”

Hatch wouldn’t say whether he’d support Clinton. But he did say “I like Hillary Rodham Clinton” and said he thinks she’s done a good job for Democrats. Leahy, a Vermont Democrat, retorted: “I think she’s done a good job for the country, not just for Democrats.”


Caption: Senator Clinton congratulating Barack Obama on the passage of health care legislation before a meeting in the Situation Room.


Celebrities Upside Down

This is some freaky-ass $h!t. WTF? Here are a few that stood out for me. There are hundreds more over at Freaking News.



Hillary Clinton to Accept Secretary of State Offer

Hooray! I am so happy about this. I love me some Hillary Clinton, and I think she’s a fantastic choice for our international diplomatic face.

via FoxNews and NYTimes.

And Wikipedia… Ha!!!

Thanks to Estephania for the timely heads up. (Picture from the NYTimes)

Senate Substitutes: Replacing Obama, Biden, and Clinton

Salon has a great post in their War Room that lists the candidates who might be likely replacements for Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton (should she be selected and accept the Secretary of State position). It’s great coverage, if not overly optimistic on a few of the prospects.

Rumor Mill: Hillary Clinton Considered as Secretary of State

I’ll believe it when I see it. But, I’d be stoked if it were true!

From the WaPo:

There’s increasing chatter in political circles that the Obama camp is not overly happy with the usual suspects for secretary of state these days and that the field might be expanding somewhat beyond Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), Gov. Bill Richardson (D-N.M.), Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) and maybe former Democratic senator Sam Nunn of Georgia.

There’s talk, indeed, that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) may now be under consideration for the post. Her office referred any questions to the Obama transition; Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor declined to comment.

The pick of the former presidential contender and Senate Armed Services Committee member would go a long way toward healing any remaining divisions within the Democratic Party after the divisive primaries. Also, Clinton has long been known for her work on international women’s issues and human rights. The former first lady could also enhance Obama’s efforts to restore U.S. standing amongst allies worldwide.

And Obama could put her in his speed-dial for a 3 a.m. phone call every morning.

Why Obama Should and Shouldn’t Pick Clinton as VP

I loved this pair of articles over at Salon:

Why Obama Should Pick Clinton as VP
Why Obama Should Not Pick Clinton as VP

Racist Republican Pin

This is despicable. According to Salon, this pin was being sold at a Texas Republican Convention last weekend.

On a related note, I was in the Washington/Dulles Airport on Sunday. I was a little surprised by the sheer number of Obama/Clinton/McCain paraphernalia on sale in the gift shops. Most distressing was the fact that almost all of the Clinton tchotchkes were sexist and of a mocking nature. The Obama and McCain items were far more respectable. I bought Obama’s book The Audacity of Hope at the gift shop, and plan on starting it this week.

Hillary Clinton as Monty Python’s Dark Knight


Save the Net Now

Eight Reasons Obama Shouldn’t Pick Clinton as VP

While there are certain reasons Obama/Clinton could be the “Dream Ticket,” there are also reasons the opposite is true. Eric Zorn has eight reasons why it would be a bad idea for Obama to pick Clinton. Some of his points are hard to refute.

Hillary Clinton’s Path to Victory

CNN has a fun little game called Democratic Delegate Calculator. Using this nifty tool, I calculated Clinton’s path to victory. Here’s how things stand now:

All Clinton has to do is win the next 6 contests by 90% and split the super delegates with Obama 50/50 and she wins. Woohoo! Sounds easy enough…

Hillary Clinton on Fox News

I really believe this was a masterful performance on Clinton’s part. She avoided digging Obama too deeply on the Wright issue. And, she reframed every one of the biased questions that FOX’s #1 Attack Dog pitched her way. And she did it all on the fly. She was nothing short of amazing here. The discussion was lively and animated, unlike the slightly less enthusiastic exchange between Wallace and Obama.

O’Reilly starts off the health care discussion with, “So, your health care plan is going to bankrupt America.” Clinton deftly responds and reframes the debate to be about keeping people healthy. O’Reilly asks why she wants to take more of his money away with her tax increases. And Clinton reframes the situation to be be about the rich’s patriotic duty to support the country they love. Amazing. This is the stuff Lakoff has written about. And Clinton does is expertly. Watch for yourself:

Part 1:

Part 2:

My shift toward Hillary Clinton

I was an Edwards supporter early on. When he dropped out, I was at a loss over which candidate to support. By a hair’s breath, my vote swung to Obama on Super Tuesday. But now, all that is changing. I’m still not pledging undying allegiance to either candidate. But, I do find myself becoming more appreciative of Clinton’s policies, personality, and poise.

I think it all started to unravel when I read an article by Rebecca Traister on Salon titled Hey Obama boys: Back off already! In the article Traister talks about feminism, post-feminism, and the not-so-subtle sexism in the contest. I’ve experienced the exact same thing Traister has: people calling Clinton a bitch, and saying they would never vote for that bitch. Several friends (straight and gay alike) proudly display the Bros before Hoes icon on social networks and instant message avatars.

Bros before Hoes
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Hillary Clinton on The Daily Show

I missed Hillary Clinton’s appearance on The Daily Show last night. Believe it or not, I was busy watching Predator and shaking my head in disbelief… Disbelief over the fact that the guy covering himself in mud and fighting an alien is now our governator…

If you missed Hillary’s appearance too (hopefully for more noble reasons than mine), check it out below. I like Senator Clinton a lot. She’s funny and personable, and I believe she would do great things for the country. And I have to commend her on the great PR strategy of appearing on both SNL and The Daily Show in the same week. Bravo.

Hillary Clinton on SNL

Senator Clinton has a sense of humor. First comes the 7.5 minute comedy reenactment and then Hillary comes on screen. Very fun.

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