Vintage Lantern Corps Ultra


Awesome Green Lantern Sketch

Check out this awesome Green Lantern sketch by No-Sign-of-Sanity at Deviant Art. And make sure to click through to the rest of the post for an awesome sketch of Wonder Woman fighting Ares.

Click through to see the cool sketch of Wonder Woman

LEGO Blackest Night

Again, via DQS

Green Ice Cream

Awwww, I love it!

Green Lantern Motel

I was surfing Kayak for hotels around New Year’s and look what I stumbled upon! Okay, it’s only two stars, but the NAME! The NAME!!

New Green Lantern Movie Poster

I’m mostly unimpressed by this poster.

via DQS

Ryan Reynold’s Recites the Green Lantern Oath

I just got the chills…

First Look at Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Words cannot describe the extreme joy and excitement that this picture has causes me:

via Blastr

The Oath


via DQS

Honest Ade Blasphemes the Green Lantern

Yesterday I decided to avoid the hordes and masses of revelers at the SF Pride Parade. Instead, I leisurely enjoyed breakfast and then hiked up to the top of Kite Hill. I can see the open space park from my house, but I’d never actually visited it. Before heading up to the overlook, I stopped in and bought a bottle of Honest Ade lemonade and a Clif Bar to tide me over while up on the hill.

When I got to the top of Kite Hill, I noticed it was mostly weeds, foxtails to be exact. So, if you’re thinking of taking your dog up to the hill, think otherwise. This is truly and “open space” and isn’t a lush park with manicured lawns. I found a spot under a tree that was dirt (i.e., no weeds or stickers) and laid down my blanket. I got out my Nook ebook reader and decided to start reading Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. Everything was set. The only thing left was to start noshing on my snacks.

Even though I was breaking my diet of “no sugar drinks and no carb snacks” I decided to see just how much of an offense I would be committing by drinking an Honest Ade. Turns out it’s pretty low in sugar. Unfortunately, it was their marketing that took me by surprise and offended me to my very core. I appreciate that they use a super hero theme in their marketing paragraph on the label. However…

How dare they question the existence of Green Lantern?! He’s out there protecting sector 2814 everyday (that’s the sector of space that Earth resides in). Why they gotta hate like that? The gall…

I may never drink another Honest Ade again.

Green Lantern: Dick in a Box

A world of YES! This artist ph1shf00d over at DeviantArt drew Guy Gardner making the most awesome use of a GL ring I’ve ever seen. So so so awesome.

One more fun Green Lantern comic by ph1shf00d after the jump

Paper Man: The Movie

Paper Man is an indie film in which Ryan Reynolds plays Jeff Daniels’ super hero imaginary friend. Two things: 1) If Ryan Reynolds looks this hot in spandex, I can’t wait to see his CGI suit in Green Lanter, and 2) RR better not being his silly-stupid persona to Green Lantern, like he does in every other movie, including this one.

Obama Joins the Blue Lantern Corps

Fucking. Awesome.

via Gfest and via Marc

The History of Green Lantern

I get asked all the time, “What’s the deal with Green Lantern? Why do you like him so much?” If you really want to know the answers, watch this.

Gay Super Hero Parties in NYC

Whoa, I have to check out these gay super hero parties when I’m in NYC! LOVE the Green Lantern dude who looks a little like Nathan Petrelli on Heroes.

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