Chris Pine’s Booty in Star Trek DVD Bonus Features

Oh yeah… Apparently there’s a new angle of the famous Chris Pine sexy scene on the Star Trek DVD release. Form this angle we can see his nice round booty much much better. Yummy.


Gay Love Child: Zachart Quinto + Chris Pine

Q: What does Zachary Quinto + Chris Pine =??
A: Captain Spork. Hahaha

I love it.


via Towleroad

Shirtless Chris Pine Digs for Gold, Reads NYT

Just Jared has an amazing gallery of shirtless Chris Pine pics. Included are two adorable ones. My first fave is of Chris digging for space gold up his Jefferies tube. My second fave is Chris reading the New York Times and sticking his tongue out in a “These words are hard to understand” sort of expression. So cute.

Lots and lots more shirtless pics of Chris Pine at Just Jared.


Chris Pine Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

This “artistic” representation of Chris Pine is sorta hilarious. It’s clearly not Pine’s peen, but it’s fun to pretend anyway. Many thanks to my new friend Alex for encouraging and heightening my new celeb crush on NewKirk.


Click through to see the full frontal image.
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Bosom Buddies: Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto

These two guys make a pretty pair to look at. I like that they’ve been making so many press appearances together. This photo shoot is especially nice.




Chris Pine Shirtless?

I found this pic while surfing the tubes. I’m not sure if it’s really Chris Pine. But, even if it’s not, I’ll just go on pretending that it is…


Chris Pine on Jimmy Kimmel

Chris Pine is sorta boring. At least he’s pretty.

Chris Pine’s Penis Bulge

I saw Chris Pine’s (aka young James T. Kirk’s) bulge on the IMAX. So, imagine it about 100 times this size. Oh yeah….


Chris Pine in Humpy Action

Yum. This was the biggest tease in the whole movie. The humptastic scene was only about 3 seconds long. Boooo. More Kirk in his undies! The fans demand it!


Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto on SNL

Chris Pine Takes a Shirtless Stroll

Oooh: Christian is going to LOVE this post when he sees it!!! I think you can even see a little bit of newkirk’s peen bulge…


via Just Jared

Chris Pine: Naked and Gay


Apollo sent me these awesome screen caps from Surrender Dorothy in which Chris Pine goes shirtless and plays a homosexual. Haawwt.

Chris Pine Is Hot and Shirtless

One major downside to having such a new actor play Kirk, is that there aren’t a lot of naked or shirtless pictures of him floating around on the intartubes. Well, these will have to suffice I guess. For more hot pics of Chris Pine check out these sites:

Hot Men Central | Square Hippies | Just Beautiful Men

If you have better pics of Chris Pine in various states of undress, post the links in the comment section of this post!

Star Trek Trailer is ZOMG

The new Star Trek trailer is unbelievably exciting. Can’t wait for May!

Watch it over at

And enjoy this screencap of the new hot Kirk with a lady friend. Click to enlarge the image. Is that Chris Pine’s bulge we see in the pic? Or is it just a shadow? I’m going with bulge.

Thanks to Christian for the bulge screencap!

New Kirk and Spock Posters

These are great posters. I love the contrast and use of shadows to accentuate Kirk and Spock’s characteristics. I can’t wait for the new movie. Christian tells me the new Star Trek trailer debuts with the Bond movie this Friday night. That alone would be reason enough to go see Quantum Solace. Add in the bonus of watching sexy Daniel Craig run around doing spy stuff, and it seems pretty clear what I’ll be doing Friday night!

More hot pics to download at

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