Athletes Get Butt Massages

Um… HOT.

Bixente Lizarazu – Massaged
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Zac Efron: Enter Here…

OMG. I saw this over at Unzipped. As they say, Zac Efron makes bloggers’ jobs way too easy… “Enter Here” Hahahaha!


Ryan Phillipe’s Butt in Armani Ad

MHDaily dug this one up from the annals of awesomeness-past.

Gymnast Catches Laptop in His Buttcrack

From the WTF Files:

Exposed Waterboys

Everyone is blogging about these two incidences. I felt it was irresponsible of me to not cover these fleshy photos too.

The first incidence involves Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco. His bulge has been spotted before at the beach. (Google it yourself, bitches, because that is not today’s story). No, today’s story is much, much better. You see, our little prince went scuba diving and upon his return to the ship he stripped out of his wetsuit. Peen-frenzied paparazzi caught the Prince showing off the crown jewels. And, damn, those are very nice jewels… (Make sure to click through after the jump to see the pics).

The second blog-worthy occurrence happened when US swimmer and gold medalist Ricky Berens (that’s him standing next to bong-happy Phelps) had a little wardrobe malfunction. The back of his suit ripped before his 4x100m freestyle relay and there just wasn’t time for him to change. Lucky for us, because that is some fine ass booty. (Again, lots of lovely pictures after the jump).

And, now I feel that I’ve done my duty in bringing the important peen and booty news of the week to you, my loyal readers.

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Chris Pine’s Booty in Star Trek DVD Bonus Features

Oh yeah… Apparently there’s a new angle of the famous Chris Pine sexy scene on the Star Trek DVD release. Form this angle we can see his nice round booty much much better. Yummy.


Freddi Stroma Shows His Naked Butt?

It’s hard to tell if this is really Freddie Stroma, the new Harry Potter hunk. I’m just going to suspend disbelief and enjoy the possibility that that’s his delectable booty at the very end of this clip. Yum…

Update: Ethan over at EthanSays confirmed that this is not Freddie Stroma. It’s some other model. Thanks Ethan, for ruining our j/o fantasy material! 😉

MTV Real World’s Scott Herman is HOT in His Undies


You may remember that Scott Herman was one of our very first Humpday Hotness posts. As a fitness model, photos of him shirtless and such pop up all over the internet. Now we have a video interview of him in Undergear undies. Check out the video and after the jump several screencaps of the Scott’s hot body (and booty).

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Ashton Kutcher Has a Fine Booty

Demi is a lucky woman to have such a fine booty to play with at night. Dayum!


Several pics that reveal much much more after the jump.
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Iron Style by Sylvan Norget

Holy crap. These Iron Man pics are getting more than just Tony Stark’s suit all hard and revved up. Check out all of Sylvan’s stuff here.


via Dudetube

Naked Male Portraits


I stumbled on some amazing photos of naked men. Click through to read the rest of the post to see several of my favorite photos from but.portraiture.

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Rick Schroeder’s Naked Butt

Who knew that little Ricky Schroeder grew up to be such a hot stud?!


Click through to the rest of this post to see naked skinny-dipping pics of Rick’s bootie.
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Thursday Night Boy Booty – Beach Booty

I miss summers spent in the pool or at the beach. As a kid, we had a big pool that we practically lived in during the summer. Nowadays, my summer beach experiences usually consist of wrapping up to keep warm on the foggy San Francisco shores. In the spirit of times past, here are some hot pics of boys showing off their booties at the beach. Click through for pics of beach booty!

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Thursday Night Boy Booty – Wet Booty

Is there anything quite as beautiful as water cascading over well-muscled gluteal mounds? Or beads of water collecting on perfectly rounded man ass? Or partially submerged booty, bubbling up out of the water like an island paradise?

To me, it’s art in its purest form. If you agree, then click through and enjoy the pics of wet naked boy booty after the jump.

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Thursday Night Boy Booty – Athletes

The upcoming Olympics inspired me to post some pics of athletes with muscled booties. More bootylicious pics after the jump.

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