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Wash Your Balls: Axe Commercial


Reese Rideout Is Bananas

Reese Rideout is one fucked up fucker. But I totally dig it.

Naked Hay Bayling Crazy Dude

I have no words to describe… Utterly speechless.

via I Can Has Internets

Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury

I love when she slaps the girl wearing the “I Heart Kurt Vonnegut” t-shirt. LOL

via I Can Has Internets


The Original:

Fred the Raver

I’ve been told I make faces when I get my groove on to electronic music. I wonder if this is what I look like…

My New Team Jacob Eclipse Locket: Rawwwrrr!

I Beweave Hair Salon

Porcupine or Puppy?

Laundry Day


Omg, so amazing. Good times, good memories.

Sleepless Night, Cool Shit on YouTube

I’m suffering from more insomnia. I even took sleep aids, and nothing. WTF is going on? Ah well, perhaps I just need to get through this week and a nice weekend camping, swimming, and dancing will be what I need to reset my biorhythms. Anyway, check out this cool video I found on YouTube in my sleepless hours:

Day in the Life of a Pet AT-AT

So cute:

Tight Pants / Body Rolls

This blew my mind.

Mister Sharp’s Videos Rock My World

Oh dude. These are amazing. I LOLd like a snickerdoodle. Er, something like that. Anyway, check out a few of my favorite MisterSharp videos below and after the jump. And don’t miss Mister Sharp’s YouTube Channel.

The Internet… TODAY

Politics: The Global Language

A few more of my favorite Mister Sharp videos after the jump

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