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Fiesta de Super Heroes

Lene sent this to me. As she so astutely put it: “Why is there no bar in SF that has a FIESTA DE SUPER HEROES??? It would be a MASSIVE hit.” True… true.

I’m Really Digging Jesse Ventura

Is Jesse Ventura angling for a position in this administration? If not, maybe we should be offering him one. He’s quickly becoming my new favorite.

Glenn Beck Skewered by Barbara and Whoopi

Oh damn grrrrl! You just got caught in a big ol’ fat lie. Double snap!

Jesse Ventura: The Only Sane Voice on Torture

I never thought I’d say that I love what Jesse Ventura has to say. Especially on the subject of torture. Take that Hasselbeck!

Lady Gaga Live on Dancing with the Stars Finale

I loooove her:

Victor Webster’s Erection Outtake on Mutant X


The New Super-Sized Enterprise (vs. Galactica)


via Gizmodo

American Idol and Fox’s Anti-Social Marketing Mistake

I think Fox made a big mistake this year with regard to American Idol. They have kept people from posting clips of this season’s contest on YouTube. Presumably they made this draconian move to help drive traffic to their own Fox.com American Idol mini-site. Well, here’s how that decision affected me:

Two years ago my friends sent me a YouTube clip of Blake doing his unique mix of bboxing and vocals. Then, I was able to glue myself to YouTube fan coverage of the budding bromance between Blake and Chris. It was because of YouTube that I became a fan of American Idol that season. (I’d never watched the show before that.) I followed the show clean through to the end, and even rearranged my schedule so I could be home on Idol nights. I was bummed when Jordin won, but I was glued to the TV to watch it happen. AND, I blogged the final outcome too, replete with a retrospective YouTube look at Blake’s Idol performances.

Last season, my boss sent me a YouTube clip of David Archuleta singing John Lennon’s Imagine (my all-time favorite song). I was instantly hooked. I jumped into the show around the time of the final 10 contestants and religiously tuned in weekly. I even live-blogged some of the episodes. Once again, clips of the show on YouTube drew me in. I even voted several times last season.

This year, I kept hearing how the talent was leaps and bounds ahead of last year. About how there was a gay contestant who could conceivably win the whole shebang. So, what did I do? I searched for clips of the show on YouTube. Nothing. I read blogs that discussed the show and looked for embedded clips of the episodes. Nada. I tried to find any YouTube clips of Lamergay’s performances. Zilch. There was nothing immediately accessible in the social media sphere to hook my attention and draw me back in for another season.

In my opinion, this was a terrible mistake on Fox’s part. Trying to control the message through a controlled single outlet instead of giving fans the ability to personalize and promote the brand (American Idol) is foolhardy. Instead of a million teenyboppers and teen-wannabes (myself included) posting clips of their favorite contestant all across the blogosphere, Fox stifled that powerful, multi-voiced free publicity. And, I for one never even realized I was missing the show because it wasn’t being discussed in my medium of choice: the social web. To them I represent one less viewer. One less revenue-generating fan.

When will big media companies and networks catch up with this century and embrace the social media paradigm? When will they realize that they can benefit from releasing their grip on a dying, antiquated, one-to-many marketing model? Will it be too late if/when they ever do embrace the social marketing paradigm?

Obama Depressed Since ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Series Finale

I LOVE the Onion:

WASHINGTON—According to sources in the White House, President Barack Obama has been uncharacteristically distant and withdrawn ever since last month’s two-hour series finale of Battlestar Galactica.

“The president seems to be someplace else lately,” said one high-level official, speaking on condition of anonymity. “Yesterday we were all being briefed on the encroachment of Iranian drone planes into Iraq, when he just looked up from the table and blurted out, ‘What am I supposed to watch on Fridays at 10 p.m. now? Numb3rs?'”

“I haven’t seen him this upset since Admiral Adama realized that Earth was actually an uninhabitable wasteland,” the official continued. “Or at least that’s what he told me. I don’t actually watch the show. It’s not really my thing.”

Since the end of the series, Obama has reportedly brushed off key budgetary decisions, ignored his wife and children, and neglected his daily workouts, claiming that he no longer cares if he lets himself go “just like Lee did before the rescue on New Caprica.” more…

Obama told aides he feels "like a cylon without a Resurrection Ship."Obama told aides he feels “like a cylon without a Resurrection Ship.”

NYTimes on Battlestar Galactica


The New York Times has a great piece on the impact of Battlestar Galactica on society. I had no idea that the UN had a panel to discuss the way BSG treated terrorism and other important issues. Very cool. (Thanks to Orange for the heads up!!)

Via NYTimes:

Earlier this week, in advance of the grandly anticipated conclusion of “Battlestar Galactica” on Friday, the United Nations convened a panel to discuss the show’s treatment of terrorism, human rights abuses and religious conflict.

Despite the obviousness of the public relations piggybacking, the United Nations occasion only further legitimized the political seriousness of a series that has explored the post-9/11 consciousness by examining the costs of wartime moral relativism. While a show like “Gossip Girl” might also be said to have ambitions — broadly, to address the injustices of class disparity, let’s say — it is unlikely that the name Blair Waldorf has ever come up at the coffee cart around which the Council of Economic Advisers gathers.

“Battlestar Galactica,” which during its four seasons has elevated the image of the otherwise campy and unambitious Sci Fi channel, has — like most science fiction — conducted an experiment in supposition. Ideas of faith, coexistence and democracy have been delivered with an air of intellectual rigor and a vagueness that has allowed the series to exist as a tabula rasa on which nearly any strain of speculative meaning might viably take shape. more…

Family Guy Does Star Trek

Check out the trailer for the upcoming Family Guy/Star Trek episode at Fox.com!!


I Heart Cylons

This shirt is hilarious!


As of tomorrow night, I will officially be three episodes behind on BSG. And, I think I’m three episodes behind on Heroes too. Frak! When’s a boy supposed to watch his sci-fi?!

Jamie Bamber (Apollo on BSG) Gets Naked for PETA

Hot. And, don’t miss him and his sexy British accent talking about why he got naked for PETA.


When Bad Guys Turn Good

Christian Bale Goes Shitballs on Peter Griffin

I don’t have a TV at the moment, so I’m missing out on Sunday night programming. However, I happened to see this episode of Family Guy while I was in Sonoma over the weekend. It’s a total riot. Christian Bale goes apeshit on Peter Griffin. You’ve got to see it to believe it. And if the Youtube gets pulled for copyright violation (many other copies of it have already been pulled), the go check it out over at TMZ.

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