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Alan Ritchson as a Cocky Gay-Sex Obsessed Football Dude?

Remember Alan Ritchson? He was an American Idol contestant and then starred as Aquadude on Smallville. Then he went on to do some hot underwear modeling that showed off his naked ass and his thinly veiled peen. See all of Loganotron’s coverage of Alan Ritchson here.

Here’s what we know about Alan from American Idol: He’s kind of a cocky asshole jerk.
Here’s what we know about Alan from Smallville: He can’t act his way out of a wet paper bag. Which is odd, since all he had to do on Smallville was walk around dripping wet and look pretty. And he did look pretty. But every time he opened his mouth, all I could think of was “brah! Brah! BRAH!”

Anyway, it appears that Alan has landed the typecast role of a lifetime in Blue Mountain State. He plays Thad Castle who is a self-obsessed, gay butt-sex obsessed, closeted (?), douchebag football player. All of his coaches think he’s deranged and his teammates dislike him. But he likes himself. And in the preview he flexes and admires himself in the mirror, talks about sticking his balls in a dude’s ass, mentions donkey-punching and dirty-sanchezing competitors, simulates virgin-fucking Tim Lebow, etc. So is it saw or hot that it’s not much a stretch to imagine Alan as Thad? Maybe it’s both hot and sad at the same time… (Make sure to watch the Alan Ricthson-centric trailer only on Spike.com.)

The show, premieres on Spike on January 12th and looks like it could be fun for a few episodes. Of course, I’m preparing myself to hear lots of homophobic and misogynistic slurs. I just hope they play up Thad’s own slightly closeted nature. That would be a welcome twist to an otherwise typical fratboy show.

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Why You Should Be Watching ‘Chef Academy’

Simply put: Because one of the contestants is a fucking hot French porn star.

Chef Academy is clever and the lead chef instructor is a hilarious French prankster. Besides that, the hot French porn star who goes topless and then naked (except for his apron) in one episode, is more than enough reason to watch Chef Academy on Bravo. I watched a bunch of episodes over the holidays and now I’m hooked.

Need some proof? Fine, the hot Frenchie’s name is Emmanuel DelCcour (aka Jean Val Jean in porn). It’s my sad duty to report that he’s straight. So, if you can stomach watching him put his peen in a girl’s hooha, then click here and watch a sampling of his work. Or, if you’re a member of AEBN, then you can watch his stuff here.

Make sure to click through for a YouTube video of Emmanuel posing at Muscle Beach. And, for some action shots from his porn career.

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Supernatural: Wanna Play with My Gun?

I really need to go back and start watching this show from the beginning.

The Cast of Heroes Getting Whiter and Whiter

Hm. Maybe this white-washing of the cast has contributed to why the show sucks so much now.


“I don’t think its a problem on Heroes and I don’t think white privilege is an issue in Hollywood at this point.” – Jim Martin, Heroes writer and assistant to Tim Kring

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Smallville Absolute Justice

When I see promotional screencaps like these, I regret not watching Smallville anymore. Then again, once in a while when I do watch a Smallville episode I remember that 90% of the show sucks Bizarro balls.


Subtle Sexuality: Male Prima Donna (The Office)

Oh dude, this is awesome. The secondary characters on The Office get their own webisode, and it’s fantastic. The girls start a girl band called Subtle Sexuality. While the main characters are out of the office, the girls decide to film their music video for their first single, Male Prima Donna. There are two two-minute episodes that lead up to the music video. Watch the precursor episodes here.

Fresno: The TV Show

I remember watching this years ago. It was a big deal for us Fresnans. (I only call myself a Fresnan in that I lived in Fresno county.) The show was short-lived and kinda funny.

More Evidence that Joe is the Gay Jonas

The first piece of evidence we had that Joe was the gay Jonas brother was his penchant for straight-ironing his hair. There is nothing straight about a dude ironing his hair.

Next piece of evidence was when Joe dressed in heels and a black leotard and made a video parody of Single Ladies. Um, a black leotard and heels? Sure, when you’re 5 years old and playing dress up. Not when you’re 20, and not when you’re straight.


The evidence abounds. But, today’s is the best (and hottest) evidence so far. The Jonas Brothers took part in a celebrity sports game. They were on the Kickballers team. (We suspect Joe wants to do something to someone’s balls that rhymes with “kick” and starts with “L”.)


As for the evidence of Joe’s fagtasticness, just check out how tight Joe’s baseball pants are. Dude, did he paint those on? Now, check out Nick’s and Kevin’s pants. Not tight. Joe’s uber tight pants that show off his sculpted little booty and respectable package quite nicely.


Oh Joe, you’re gay. I know it must be difficult to come out in an Evangelical family. But just imagine all the attention you’d get if you came out. The girls would climb over each other to be your fruit fly. You and Stella can become best gal pals and check out hot boys together. And, you have a huge gay following that would ensure you got constant boy butt play, even on the down-low. Just come out. You’ll feel better and finally the ironed hair, leotard, heels, and tight pants will have an explanation.

Pics via HMAS

Jeremy Roloff – Hottie in the Land of the Little People


Last night we saw an ad on TLC similar to the one below, which showcases the network’s lineup of family reality shows. What struck us was how Jeremy, the oldest son on Little People, Big World has grown up to be suuuper hot.

And for all of you who are going to leave comments about how Jeremy is a racist bigot who also uses gay slurs, yes I know. That doesn’t mean he’s not a hot racist biggot gay basher. I’d still hit TTA (tap that a$$). Dude, he’s 19 so it’s totally legal… Duh!

Make sure to click after the jump to see which teen stars a certain someone I may or may not be engaged to wants to see in a all-star teen twink three way (still waiting for Nick to turn 18 so it’d would be a legal three-way, obvi). I love that I’ve gotten this certain someone addicted to Disney Channel! Muuaaahh ahhhh ahhhhh!

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Glee Football Team Does ‘Single Ladies’

I haven’t seen this week’s episode yet, but this is cute. The father-son thing is heart-warming too.

Transgender Dancer as Beyonce on MTV’s ABDC

This is HOT. I watched the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew a few years back and loved it. That year Jabberwocky won the contest and rocked my world. This year there’s a dance crew called Vogue Evolution with a transgendered woman on the team. Dude, she rocks. And, watch the clip below. I LOVE how Lil Mama and Shane have no qualms about praising her portrayal of Beyonce (even if Mario seems a little confused/weirded out). I love that American teens get this kind of exposure to transgender people.

Amazing SyFy Promo Commercials

I may hate the new brand name SyFy, but I am awed by their promos. The House of Imagination extended promo that aired last night before Warehouse 13 was especially beautiful.

Warehouse 13

I watched the premiere of Warehouse 13 on the new SyFy tonight. The show was okay and I’m definitely going to give it a chance for a while longer.

Here’s my problem, though: This show has already been done. And, done better. The show was called Special Unit 2 and was a mostly unnoticed show on UPN for two seasons. The writing on SU2 was more over-the-top and the humor was darker. Plus, there were various types of magical creatures as cast members.

special_unit_2 NUP_131080_0304

Warehouse 13, like SU2, also has a male/female special agent team: The wacky guy agent and the down-to-business woman agent. But Warehouse 13 so far doesn’t have any wacky characters or magical creatures. And, the two agents aren’t larger than life. They’re just sort of boring.

I’m hoping SyFy (retch, I hate that name) gets it right with Warehouse 13. The premise is good and SyFy could make it a decent show if they spice it up a little bit. My fingers are crossed and I’ll just have to see what happens in the next couple of episodes.

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan

Here’s the trailer for the two-hour episode of the Battlestar epic saga told from viewpoint of the Cylons. Promising, very promising…

Gay Confusion on ‘Supernatural’

I have never seen an episode of Supernatural, so I had no idea there such a gay confusion sub theme. Maybe I need to watch the show…

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