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American Idol and Fox’s Anti-Social Marketing Mistake

I think Fox made a big mistake this year with regard to American Idol. They have kept people from posting clips of this season’s contest on YouTube. Presumably they made this draconian move to help drive traffic to their own Fox.com American Idol mini-site. Well, here’s how that decision affected me:

Two years ago my friends sent me a YouTube clip of Blake doing his unique mix of bboxing and vocals. Then, I was able to glue myself to YouTube fan coverage of the budding bromance between Blake and Chris. It was because of YouTube that I became a fan of American Idol that season. (I’d never watched the show before that.) I followed the show clean through to the end, and even rearranged my schedule so I could be home on Idol nights. I was bummed when Jordin won, but I was glued to the TV to watch it happen. AND, I blogged the final outcome too, replete with a retrospective YouTube look at Blake’s Idol performances.

Last season, my boss sent me a YouTube clip of David Archuleta singing John Lennon’s Imagine (my all-time favorite song). I was instantly hooked. I jumped into the show around the time of the final 10 contestants and religiously tuned in weekly. I even live-blogged some of the episodes. Once again, clips of the show on YouTube drew me in. I even voted several times last season.

This year, I kept hearing how the talent was leaps and bounds ahead of last year. About how there was a gay contestant who could conceivably win the whole shebang. So, what did I do? I searched for clips of the show on YouTube. Nothing. I read blogs that discussed the show and looked for embedded clips of the episodes. Nada. I tried to find any YouTube clips of Lamergay’s performances. Zilch. There was nothing immediately accessible in the social media sphere to hook my attention and draw me back in for another season.

In my opinion, this was a terrible mistake on Fox’s part. Trying to control the message through a controlled single outlet instead of giving fans the ability to personalize and promote the brand (American Idol) is foolhardy. Instead of a million teenyboppers and teen-wannabes (myself included) posting clips of their favorite contestant all across the blogosphere, Fox stifled that powerful, multi-voiced free publicity. And, I for one never even realized I was missing the show because it wasn’t being discussed in my medium of choice: the social web. To them I represent one less viewer. One less revenue-generating fan.

When will big media companies and networks catch up with this century and embrace the social media paradigm? When will they realize that they can benefit from releasing their grip on a dying, antiquated, one-to-many marketing model? Will it be too late if/when they ever do embrace the social marketing paradigm?

David Cook Wins American Idol

I was shocked that Cook won. I really thought Archuleta couldn’t be beat. It’s good though, because I think Cook will have a better chance at a career. It was so cute when Cook cried after being told that he won. So so cute.

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David vs. David: American Idol Final

The opening sequence is wicked retahded. OMG, I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Can we just start the singing already?

Stop with the boxing theme. Ugh. I hate it with hate.

Hooray for Clive Davis and Andrew Lloyd Weber!

Round 1: Clive Davis’ Song Choice

David CookI Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2
Logan Says: His voice sounds a lot like Bono’s. This was a great song choice. Wow. I am loving this song. It’s definitely his own version. Great final note!
Randy Says: Also loved the scoop up of the note at the end. Paula babbles about finding something. Simon says it was phenomenal.

David ArchuletaDon’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me by Elton John
Logan Says: Did they pick this song for him because they think he might be one of Elton’s kin? His voice is pretty but this song is boring. His eyes are open though. That’s an improvement. He’s definitely more expressive on stage. He’s doing the best he can with a lame song.
Randy Says: One of the best performances of the season. Molten Hot! Paula says her heart is still pounding. Simon says last week was just okay. Tonight’s performance was arguably the best he’s done so far. Simon says Round One goes to Archuleta. Whoa. Simon and I disagree for once.

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David Cook Asked David Archuleta For a Dance

Did David Cook ask David Archuleta to dance at Archuleta’s fake prom? How cute… And poor, awkward Archuleta. He should’ve said yes! That would be just about the cutest thing in the world. I’m sure the teeny bopper girls would’ve gone gaga imagining Archuleta and Cook dancing a slow dance together. Of course, good Mormon boys don’t dance with other boys. I don’t think they’re even allowed to dance with girls.

More here:

Archuleta Took Fellow ‘Idol’ Finalist Brooke White to His ‘Prom’

The day that 17-year-old “American Idol” finalist David Archuleta was meeting with music legend Neil Diamond was the day that all his school pals were going to their prom in his hometown of Murray, Utah.

But it seems fellow finalist Brooke White helped him ease the pain by being his “date” for the day.

“I spent the day with Brooke, so she’s the one I danced with for my prom day,” he told Pop Tarts after the “Idol” elimination on Wednesday night. “I would have preferred this anyway; it would have been nice to go to prom, but I’m so glad I was here instead. Standing there dancing with Brooke was pretty cool.”

Mind you, Archuleta did get other offers.

“[David] Cook also asked if he could dance with me — that was a little awkward,” he said. “So I said no.”

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It’s the Clash of the Davids

The fans said goodbye to Syesha tonight. No surprise there. So, we’re left with the two Davids battling for the top spot. Who will it be? I’ll be live blogging next Tuesday’s show again, and I’ll make my prediction then.

Also, check out the LA Times and New York Magazine’s reviews of last night’s show. Both are pretty damned good reviews.

American Idol Top 3 – Live Blogging

Ryan introduces the final three: A high school student, an actress, and a bartender. Ryan says hi to the judges and implies Simon got botox. Each of the contestants tonight will perform three songs: one chosen by the judges, one chosen by themeselves, and one chosen by the fans.

Round 1 – Songs Chosen by Judges

David ArchuletaAnd so it Goes by Billy Joel
Logan says: Very pretty. Great range. Good choice for Paula to pick a ballad for David A. He’s a cutie.
Randy says: He’s in the zone. Paula says pure and stunning, a story teller. Simon says it was very good, no surprises, a bit predictable (crowd boos).

Syesha MercadoIf I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keyes
Logan says: Meh. I wasn’t overly impressed at the beginning. It got better when she got into the upper registers. It was good, but not great.
Randy says: It worked well and she did an amazing job. Paula says she’s glad Syesha is a girl. Simon says she sang it very well. He wishes that Randy had chosen a better song for her. And Simon says she looks gorgeous.

David CookFirst Time I Ever, I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack
Logan says: I like it so far… He’s good in the upper registers. Sounds a bit like Sting. A great rock rendition of the song.
Randy says: Loved the high note. Wishes it would’ve been more of a rock song. Paula zings Randy and Simon for bickering. Simon says it was one of David’s best performances yet. “Round One goes to Cook and Cowell.” Hahahahaha.

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Jason Castro Doll

Jason Castro Doll

A great post over at dlisted today showcases the Jason Castro doll and opines about Castro’s love for ganja. A taste of dlisted’s post:

They forgot to add the most important thing. His bong!!!! Methinks that evil (and delicious) demon, marijuana, had a lot to do with his performance last night. This is why potheads and live television do NOT mix. So, Jason Castro effed up big time by completely forgetting the words to one of my favorite Dylan tunes, “Mr. Tambourine Man.”

Also check out the Youtube clip of Castro effing up royally last night. He’s totally gotta go home tonight.

American Idol – Top 4: Live Blogging

Ryan tells us tonight we absolutely “must vote.” Okay Ryan. We get it, AT&T wants our dollars.

The stars come out on stage. Syesha is looking super sexy. David Cook looks rough and rugged. Archuleta ad Castro just look schlumpy.

Something about the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. The contestants have to pick a song from the top 500 Hall of Fame Rock N Roll songs. That narrows it down…!

David CookHungry Like The Wolf by Duran Duran
Logan says: It’s good, but it’s not amazing. Kinda karaoke-like.
Randy says: It was just okay. The crowd boos bc usually Randy wants to have Cook’s love child. Where’s the love tonight? Paual babbles. Simon says it was copy-cat, but good enough to get him through to next week.

Syesha MercadoProud Mary by Tina Turner
Logan says: Hrm. Not loving her rendition. She doesn’t have the soulfulness or low register to pull it off. My roommate says it makes her voice sound chintzy and I agree.
Randy says: He loves it. He must’ve had his fingers in his ears. Paula gushes as always. Simon doesn’t like it. He thought it was bad and shrieky and a bad impersonation of Tina Turner. YES! So true.

Jason CastroI Shot the Sheriff by Bob Marley
Logan says: Such a stoner. His voice is too high for this song. Just because he knows the song, doesn’t mean it’s a good song choice. He sounds like Hanson singing Bob Marley. Lame.
Randy says: It was terrible and karaoke. Nothing special about it. Paula gives a compliment. But, she wasn’t crazy about the song. Then another compliment. Simon tears him apart. Says it was “utterly atrocious.” And I agree completely. Simon says the only similarity to Marley was the hair! Hahahahahaha!!!

David ArchuletaStand By Me by Benny King
Logan says: Um, wow. The first notes are already better than anything else anybody has sung tonight. What a great arrangement. The bongos, the minimalism, the backup singers. Just brilliant. This depth and range of his voice is perfect.
Randy: He looooooves Archuleta. He says Archuleta brought it. Paula wants compliments on his ability to listen to their advice. Simon says Archuleta could’ve whistled a song and sounded better than the other three. But, in the grand scheme of things Simon says it was the best performance so far.

Click through to read about Part 2 of the show…
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America Idol Top 5 – Live Blogging

American Idol Top 5

First, I couldn’t believe Carly went home last week. Brooke should’ve been the one to go home. Moving on…

Neil Diamond could be interesting. At the very least he should provide a breadth of styles for the singers to choose from.

Round 1:
Jason CastroForever in Blue Jeans – Was just okay. Nothing spectacular.

David Cook – I’m Alive – pretty good rock song. Unique. I didn’t remember the original song, but David’s version was memorable.

Brooke White – I’m a Believer – Why is she still here. This was not a good performance at the start of the song. It got better and she got more energetic as the song continued

David Archuleta – Sweet Caroline – No. I did not like his version of this song. It was, how does Randy say it, Pitchy. He did show a bunch ore personality on stage this time. Got better near the end of the song.

Syesha Mercado – What was the name of that song? It was good. Pretty vocals. But not super memorable.

The Judges said:
Randy loves the Davids.
Paula is on crack. She thought David Cook sang twice.
Simon put it best when he said they’re lucky they get two songs. He even called Archuleta amateurish which I agree with.

Click through for my thoughts on Round 2 of tonight’s episode.
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American Idol – Top 6

Brooke is going home. The end.

No, but seriously. She kinda effed up in a major way. Here are my thoughts on each performer:

Syesha – Pretty good. Opened the night up well. Very sexy.
Jason – Meh. Weird choice of song for him. Was ust okay. A bit raspy.
Brooke – Will probably go home tomorrow. You can’t eff up that badly this late in the game.
David Archuleta – Was really good. Needs more emotion and personality.
Carly – Best performance of the night. Maybe not the absolute best vocals, but definitely the best overall performance.
David Cook – I thought he was just ok. Wasn’t in love with his performance. I didn’t feel the emotion. He had a bad low range.

American Idol – Top 7

I’ve been watching American Idol for the past couple of weeks. Tonight’s performances were all pretty good. There were some standout performances and a few that left me felling just so-so. Here are my thoughts on each of the performers:

David Archuleta – Great. Simply beautiful. It just seems he’s lacking personality.
Carly Smithson – Not great. Kinda all over the place. Could be in the bottom three this week.
Syesha Mercado – Just okay. Possibly final three.
Brooke White – Good low range. Looked like she was shaking and nervous. Kinda bland. Final three?
Kristy Lee Cook – One of her better performances. A bit whiny, but good. Would be a great country western hit.
David Cook – Started out rough in the lower notes. Ended fantastic. Randy loved it: Called it best performance of the season. David teared up.
Jason Castro – Pretty good. Not as good as “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” but good on its own. Paula looooves him. And, whoa! Simon liked it.

David Cook’s Cover of a Cover of Billie Jean

I didn’t watch Idol last night (I was planning on watching it tonight). When I got into the office, my boss asked if I had watched, and that David Cook really rose above the rest with his cover of Billie Jean. I hopped right on Youtube and watched it. And, wow. I was impressed. Then I came across this post on dlisted which reveals that David Cook’s cover was pretty much lifted from Chris Cornell’s cover. That’s not to say that David Cook wasn’t amazing. It just shows that Paula and the rest are lame for calling him “original.”
David Cook on American Idol:

Chris Cornell:

David Archuleta Sings “Imagine”

Imagine is probably my favorite song of all time. No other song sends chills down my spine and makes my heart swell, every time I listen to it. I’ve appreciated various renditions and remakes over the years. But this 17 year old David Archuleta really blew me away. Wow. I hope he wins Idol this year.


And your American Idol is…

Jordin Sparks. Surprise effing surprise, right?!. I knew she’d win. She was cute, young, had a good voice, and lots of charisma. Blake was a cutie, but he didn’t have the chops to win. His beatboxing is dope though. He’ll go off and marry Chris and live happily ever after.

The best of Blake after the jump…
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American Idol

I’ve never watched American Idol. That is, until this season. And not even until the final 6 of this season. I think my interest was piqued by all the hubbub over Sanjaya getting cut and the gay blogosphere coverage of the (fantasy) love affair between Chris and Blake (images after the jump).

By the time I started watching the contest was down to six finalists: Blake, Chris, Phil, Lakisha, Jordin, and Melinda. Not long after I started watching, Chris got sent home. I was bummed because he was cute in Justin Timberlake sort of way. But, at least cutie beatboxer Blake was still in the picture.
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