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The Cast of Heroes Getting Whiter and Whiter

Hm. Maybe this white-washing of the cast has contributed to why the show sucks so much now.


“I don’t think its a problem on Heroes and I don’t think white privilege is an issue in Hollywood at this point.” – Jim Martin, Heroes writer and assistant to Tim Kring

via Queer Two Cents

I Heart Cylons

This shirt is hilarious!


As of tomorrow night, I will officially be three episodes behind on BSG. And, I think I’m three episodes behind on Heroes too. Frak! When’s a boy supposed to watch his sci-fi?!

My Favorite Super Bowl Ads

See all the Super Bowl ads on Hulu.

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Star Trek on Robot Chicken

Leave it to one of the biggest Trekkies in the world (Christian) to find these and send them my way. Enjoy:


And this one isn’t Star Trek, but it’s from the same post. It’s Zachary Quinto spoofing his own character on Heroes:

Heroes vs. X-Men

Do you watch Heroes and love it? Are you a long-time X-Men fanboy? If the answer to both of these questions is, “Hell yes!,” then you’re going to love this post over at Unreality Magazine.

They pair off characters from the hit show Heroes with X-Men members. The commentary is hilarious. The pair offs include:

Claire vs. Wolverine
Tracy vs. Iceman
Hiro vs. Nightcrawler
Matt vs. Professor X
Nathan vs. Angel
Super Mohinder vs. Beast
Meredith vs. Pyro
Arthur Petrelli vs. Rogue
Sylar vs. Mageneto
Peter vs. Phoenix

Check out their site to see who they predict would win. What do you think? Agree with their assessments?

Heroes Season 3: Villains

Oh. Hell. Yes.

Heroes Season 2

I’ve been watching Heroes Season 2 on nbc.com. And while the show is moving along nicely, watching it on nbc.com sucks donkey balls. Unlike iTunes, nbc.com interrupts the playback every normal commercial break. There’s only one commercial per break. The annoying thing is that it’s the same commercial every time. Episode two showed the same Fidelity Investment commercial 5 or 10 times. And tonight during episode three, it was the same Excedrin Back & Pain ad. It wasn’t so bad watching the hot Rusty Joiner look-a-like jog through the forest. What was annoying was that the volume on the commercial is way louder than the show, so I had to constantly mute the commercials. And, the commercials resize the screen, so when the actual show picks back up each time, I had to click back to full-screen mode. LAME. If this doesn’t get any better, I might just wait for the season to finish and watch it on DVD.

As for the show, I like the Hiro story line. I’m not crazy about Peter being mixed up with bad guys. And what’s with the amnesia thing? Amnesia is dumb, and way overdone. I think Mohinder is dumb for trying to be all 007 double agent. Claire’s new flyboy boyfriend West is cute. Hopefully we see some more of him. And finally, it was cool to see Nichelle Nichols on tonight’s episode. Yay for Star Trek cast members getting in on the Hero action!

Heroes on MadTV


I <3 Zach Quinto

Zachary Quinto This clip of Zachary Quinto (the new Spock) and Leonard Nimoy (the original Spock) is worth a watch. Mostly because ZachQ is so hot.

Heroes Promo

I know where I’ll be on September 24th. Hell yeah!

Sylar’s Gayer Days

I always though Zach Quinto was hot hot hot. This sauna scene from his days on the short-lived So NoTORIous (Tori Spelling’s show) is sexy. Sylar is so damned hot.

Heroes Finale

Heroes Logo If you haven’t been watching Heroes this season, then you should start. It’s the best show on TV. I got started about mid-way through the season and have been hooked ever since.

(Spoiler Alert: don’t read on if you haven’t seen the finale yet.)
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