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Nick Claims He’s Hetero

Yeah Right! Get your story straight then give us a (ahem) straight answer. It’s fine if you want to say something like, “yeah, I was trying to play up the gay angle and befriend Joe.” But, don’t duck and cover and deny. A quote from Nick’s interview and the the contradictory Youtube evidence below:

And one of the things on the internet, I just have to ask about this, there’s now a video, a lot of the rumors about playing up the homosexuality, just wondering if you would address those issues?

Yeah, I’ve gotten asked that question a couple times today about homosexuality. I am definitely one hundred percent straight, I don’t know if something was taken out of context or anything like that. It was something with like Joe and I in the hot tub, somebody said. Definitely one hundred percent straight, had nothing to do with men ever. But I am a very comfortable guy with my sexuality, and I do find men attractive, and I can say that because I’m comfortable with my sexuality.

So the story you told Joe then was false, because there’s a video of you online admitting to performing a homosexual act?

Uh… yeah that’s what was told to me before, I never said anything about performing a sexual act before. I said that I kissed one of my buddies on the lips in a bar because of a bet, I don’t know if that’s what you’re talking about.

Oh Nick, What Have You Done?

I’m shocked and appalled. I feel like Dionne did when she walked in on Murray shaving his head at that party in the Valley.

Nick is quickly losing his ambiguously gay status. I fear that I may have to break up with him soon. Not just yet, though. I’ll give him a few more days to redeem himself…

Nicks Mohawk

(Photos borrowed from Towleroad)

Obsessed with Nick

Nick in the shower / Nick Montage:

More Nick Pics

I <3 Nick from Big Brother 8. More yummy photos of the ambiguously straight Nick: Nick hottub Nick hottub
Nick hammockNick couch

More Nick

He’s so damned hot. Is he or isn’t he a gay? I guess if I knew for sure, I’d be less intrigued. But why?

Nick cuddling 

Nick: Big Brother 8

Nick BB8 2 Nick BB8 1

The gay blogosphere is all stirred up over ambiguously gay Nick on Big Brother 8. Nick has been dropping hints that he might be a friend of Dorothy. He admitted to giving a guy a BJ in high school. He also flirts with both gay guys in the house, including spooning with them in bed. And, let’s not forget the bright pink fingernail polish.

Of course, Big Brother is a game and is about strategy. Nick may very well be feigning gayness to win points with the ladies and the gays. Gay or Straight? Either way, he’s got me and every other gay blogger twitterpated and watching his every move.

Admits to Giving a Dude a BJ / Ambiguous Hot Tub Chat:

Top 5 List of Guys He’d Fuck / Explains His Top 5 List:

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