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Dolph Lundgren vs. Unicorn | Norton 2010

This is fantastic!

Nobody Likes a Show Off

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Space Unicorn

My Monday has been made. Amazing.

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Porcelain Unicorn

Legendary Conception

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Pink Fluffy Unicorns


The Unicorn of Destiny

Oh dude, this is the best. Someone retweeted it to me. And I melted it. Whoever this Taylor person is, he/she is a lucky human.

Some of My Best Friends Are Unicorns

My friend SisterEdith shared this with me and asked, “Is it bestiality if it’s with a mythical creature?” My reply was, “Yeah, it’s still bestiality. Although it gets into grey are with the half-human half-animal hybrids like centaurs, minotaurs, and satyrs.” What do y’all think?

A Unicorn Like No Other!

This is… just… wow. I have no words. It’s very NSFW, so only click on the link below if you don’t have coworkers or small children nearby. And Lonell, I’m specifically thinking you’re going to love picture!

The full NSFW pic after the jump

The Unicorn Kingdom Club

Best. Thing. Ever!

Runnin’ Rhino

My friend John sent this Threadless t-shirt link to me. And… I love it! I must get this t-shirt. Now.

I Believe in Unicorns

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The Saddest Thing You’ll See All Day, Possibly All Week

My heart is breaking. Poor Unicorn.

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My Little Pony Mods for the Geeks

OMG. This is the best thing I’ve seen in ages. (Well, the best thing I’ve seen today, at least.) Check out all of the 50 amazing My Little Pony Geek mods at BuzzFeed. Here are a few of my favorites:

Batman with Unicorn and Dolphins

Okay, I’ve tried to pull back from my excessive pony and unicorn posting. My obsession is still alive and well, I’ve just been attempting not to subject all of you to every single pony-related object that I stumble upon. This, however, deserves to be shown. Mostly because it has Batman AND dolphins. So you see, it’s more than just unicorns.

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