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Sunglasses & Tube Socks

This fucking killed me. I’m still cleaning up the coffee that I snorted out my nose when I saw these ads.

Photographer Calle Stoltz

Exterface: STUD!

You’ve seen me blog about Exterface before (Boy Wonder, Super Lover, Men in Lace, and most recently Unicorn). You might see a pattern emerging, a pattern of me loving Exterface’s man flesh-laden photography. Their newest photo spread STUD! made me feel all tingly down there. This boy is adorable in his geekshiek glasses, suspenders, and bunny ears. And his bubbly bodacious booty is delectable in that jockstrap. Haawwwt!

Make sure to check out the entire STUD! gallery.

And check out a few of my faves after the jump

Exterface’s Unicorn

I mentioned this a few weeks ago, and have been eagerly awaiting the release of the full photo shoot. Today, Exterface posted their oddly sexy Unicorn album. I’ve always had a thing for unicorns (it’s probably the whole phallus on the head thing). And this hot boy dressed up as a unicorn only deepens my fascination with the magical creatures. Click here for all 22 photos.

A short preview of hot boy Unicorn booty after the jump

Exterface: Unicorn

I’ve blogged the amazing photography of Exterface before (here and here). And now this teaser poster of the new photo shoot Unicorn is up. I can’t wait to see the full gallery of beautifully bizarre Unicorn photos.

A few more teaser images, after the jump

Favorite Random Modeling Photo of the Day


I thought this photo was wacky and weird. Not your average male modeling photo, which is why I love it. Apparently this is a self-portrait, which makes it even more fascinating.

Two more pics of the same cute model after the jump.
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Iron Style by Sylvan Norget

Holy crap. These Iron Man pics are getting more than just Tony Stark’s suit all hard and revved up. Check out all of Sylvan’s stuff here.


via Dudetube

Guys with iPhones

Dude, you gotta check out this new site Guys with iPhones. And, if you’re a hot bro, then submit your semi-naked or naked iPhone photo to the site. Let’s get that album beefed up! TOTALLY NSFW

First Comes Love: Wedding Photography by Alison Bank

My amazingly talented friend Alison Bank just launched her new wedding photography site called First Comes Love. Check out the new gorgeous web site and hire Alison for your wedding. Not only does she take amazing photos, but she’s also a fun and friendly addition to any gathering!


Naked Male Portraits


I stumbled on some amazing photos of naked men. Click through to read the rest of the post to see several of my favorite photos from but.portraiture.

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Artsy Male Model Photos – Victor Chambon


I saw these amazing photos of model Victor Chambon over at Beauty and the Bum, and I was wowed. Hooray for male model photography that get all kinds of crazy creative. More like this, please!

Rene Russo Has a (Gay) Foot Fetish


There’s something undeniably sexy about Rene Russo smashing her high-heeled foot all over a pretty gay boy’s face. Am I right?!

San Francisco at Night

My buddy StripedHero took this awesome photo the other night from the top of Twin Peaks. I used to go up there a lot when I first moved to the city. Beautiful nighttime views if you can stand the chilly gusts of wind.

(click image to enlarge)

Oh, and pics of my vacay in Mexico are on their way. Stay tuned….

Ice Skaters Love Their White Fluffy Powder


Beam Me Up!

Awesome photo of a DJ being beamed up to the mothership.


The Stages of Life


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