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OMG. Socks.

It’s nice to be reminded that the good things happen in the universe.

Years ago I funded a Kickstarter at maximum level because: a) it was for new socks that were super awesome (they don’t wear out, they’re made of kevlar fabric, made from army/navy technology, they don’t slip down your leg, etc.), and b) the name was freaking awesome: Socrates. I mean, come on guys… Socrates. The smarter sock?!?! That name alone was worth the full funding level. Naming geeks like me get off on this kind of stuff!

So anyway, they had some trouble with the kevlar, had to find new fabrics, reengineered the socks, etc., and the dude updated all of us constantly on where they were in the production process over the years. Late last year they started fulfilling orders, but I had already moved. I tried logging into Kickstarter to update my address to no avail. I mostly gave up and hoped that mail forwarding would work.

Then on January 1st my mail forwarding expired and an email update arrived stating that the last shipment of socks was being shipped. I tried to login to Kickstarter one last time with no luck. Oh well, I figured I’d happily sacrifice my hundreds of dollars in the name of better consumer technologies and a brilliant brand name.

Then last night. I get home. A package awaits. Nondescript. Mail-fowarding. Soft. Squishy. I open it up. My socks! Purple. Teal. Grey. Blue. Black. Fuck yeah!


Leaving Home

Today I did one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I told my bosses of six years that I’m moving on. It felt like a break up. One where the other person has been nothing short of stellar. Where they’re your closest friends and they know everything about you. Friends with whom you’ve been on amazing adventures. With whom you’ve suffered defeats but also reveled in numerous successes.

I told them that this new opportunity was too good to pass up. The chance to manage my own department. To put new skills to the test. And to be exposed to the wider world of branding. This is all true.

However, I also said that the hardest part of my decision was leaving them. And this is even truer. I’ve never had better bosses and, well, better friends.

Hours later, as I waited for the elevator to go get my afternoon coffee, I stared out the window at the gorgeous Oakland hills blanketed in sunlight. A wave of sadness descended upon me. I crossed the threshold of the open elevator doors, and I cried. A single tear. One of many more to come, no doubt. In fact, the lump in my throat as I write this is so big I can hardly breathe.

Which tells me that these people, this company, have made a huge impact on me. I’ve felt this way only three times in my life. Once when I left home for college (I cried for six straight hours on the flight to Boston). Again four years later during my final night in Cambridge (leaving what had become my new home, I cried for two hours as my family packed up my dorm room). And finally back in 2005, when my nine roommates and I had to move out of our warehouse in SoMa (we threw a huge farewell dance party and as the speakers pumped out their final bass note, I cried uncontrollably).

That’s it, isn’t it? I’m leaving home again.

And there they are. The tears return. This time with a vengeance. They stream down my face. Blur my vision. Reveal the true impact of this decision. And they just keep coming.

I’ve made the connection. I’m leaving home, once again. This realization grips and wrenches my heart. But through the pain I also feel happy. Happy to realize that I’ve become so close to this handful of people that leaving them, leaving home, is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

Blackwater Covertly Renames Itself as Xe

This is the lamest corporate rename in a long time. I could wax poetic about this, but I’ll point you to some sharp and snarky naming analysis of Xe:

Covert Ops to Covert Oops: Changing the Blackwater Name Won’t Change Perceptions

Hiding in Plain Sight: Blackwater Renames as Xe

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