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Watchmen Grafitti Mural

This is awesome. Unfortunately, though, there’s no big blue penis in the mural…

Even More of Doctor Manhattan’s Big Blue Penis

As promised, when I come across pics of Doc Manhattan’s giant schlong, I’ll keep posting them. Here a three-way perspective of Doctor Manhattan and his big floppy penis. AND, after the jump check out the hilarious Watchmen spoof by NakedStraightGuys.com.

More of my big blue penis coverage here, here, and here.


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Watchmen Update: Awesome Pic of the Big Blue Penis

I finally found an awesome pic of Doctor Manhattan’s big blue uncut penis. And, as promised, I’m sharing it with all of you. Feast your eyes on this tasty piece of hunk of man flesh:

Check it out after the jump…
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Big Blue Penis: Trouble on the Watchmen Set

Hahaha. I LOVE it. Altho, methinks Rorschach doth protest too much!

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104 Ways to Ruin Watchmen

This contest over at Gizmodo encouraged readers to Photoshop Watchmen images in the most painful ways possible. The results were downright hilarious. Here are a few of my faves.

Makes sure to check out all 104 awful images over at Gizmodo.

Who’s Watching the Watchmen… Cupcakes?

Hahaha. I love this. Y’all better do something clever like this for my birthday party cupcakes…


Watchmen Review: Lots and Lots of Big Blue Penis

Watchmen was awesome. I saw it on the IMAX screen with Christian, Kenny, JT, Shelby, and Neal. Even though we got there later than planned and got less than perfect seats, it was totally worth it to see on the IMAX. Most importantly, we got to see Doctor Manhattan in all his nakedness three stories tall.

The storyline was complex, engaging, and un-Hollywood. The special effects blew my mind, and the characters were multi-layered and complicated. Everyone I saw the movie with enjoyed it.

But, let’s just cut to the chase here… Doctor Manhattan was naked a lot. And the producers did not shy away from showing his massive blue schlong, often. Near the end of the movie, they even show him walking and his blue elephant trunk is swaying back and forth with his movements. So very very very hot! And the good Doc’s ass was a huge piece of muscled yumminess. Not that any real man actually looks like that or should look like that. But, for a fantasy character, it suited him well.

Here are a few fun pics that I scoured from the nets this morning. I’ll post more screencaps of Doctor Manhattan’s big blue penis when I find them. Until then, go see the movie yourself and witness his phallic godliness yourself.




movie_manhattan_lego_dupe manhattan_lego

groening-watchmen lego_watchmen


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