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New Thor Movie Trailer

Holy shit. This looks like it could actually be really good.
My friend Chloe’s reaction: “Thorrrrrrrr, Now with more Hammer deth. LOL”

'Thor' Comic-Con Trailer
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Ryan Reynold’s Recites the Green Lantern Oath

I just got the chills…

First Look at Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Words cannot describe the extreme joy and excitement that this picture has causes me:

via Blastr

Captain America Costume Tests

Fucking Sweet! Ain’t It Cool has some costume tests for Captain America. (more pics at AIC) The costume looks great!


Green Lantern: First Flight

My sister and her boyfriend bought me the Green Lantern: First Flight DVD for Christmas. They could not have bought a more perfect gift. I’ve been meaning to watch it for a while now. It was one of only two gifts I opened on Christmas day (I specifically asked my family not to buy presents for me this year). My eyes lit up when I tore off the wrapping paper and saw the GL DVD. It’s rare that people can surprise me with gifts. I’m incredibly difficult to shop for and so people end up asking me what I want. Needless to say, I was completely surprised by this gift.

One night instead of watching endless reruns of Bravo shows, I decided to retire to my room and watch First Flight on my laptop. I got so wrapped up in the movie that I didn’t hear my dad come in and tap me on the shoulder to tell me that someone was on the phone for me. When he tapped me I literally jumped a few inches off my bed and screamed, “oh crap!” The movie was that engaging.

It tells the origin story of Hal Jordan as he becomes sector 2814’s green guardian. Shortly after acquiring the ring, the plot jumps right into Sinestro’s betrayal of the Guardians. It’s a great story, actively paced, and the characters are well developed. Chris Meloni voices Hal Jordan which is a good fit. Christian and I were just saying how HOT Chris Meloni is, especially when he got all naked and gay in OZ. So, it was nice to know that such a hot beefy stud was behind the animated Hal.

I appreciated Hal’s character development. He isn’t immediately accepted and has to prove himself to the other Lanterns. This is the same thing that endeared me to Kyle Rayner when he became a GL. It’s a great plot device that helps the viewers/readers identify with and relate to the character as he grapples with what it means to wield such a great responsibility.

The Sinestro story line was a perfect choice for this movie. It’s got everything you could want: Good guys vs. bad guys, an unexpected call to glory, proof of heroic character, betrayal, deceit, fall from grace, a space battle, etc.

My only worry is that because the animated movie was so good, the live action movie now has a tough act to follow. In fact, I’m concerned that the live action movie will shy away from the Sinestro story. Ryan Reynolds/Hal Jordan needs his arch nemesis to make the movie amazing. The Superman movies have failed in this way by constantly pitting the most powerful being on Earth against a human nemesis. Superman movies would be so much better if he were pitted against Doomsday or Darkseid or any number of super villains. I can only hope that the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern character gets a super villain nemesis to challenge him to discover his inner greatness.

Even if the live action movie sucks, at least DC Comics gave us GL fanboys and fangirls an exciting, action-packed animated film to enjoy.

Iron Man 2 Trailer


Ryan Reynolds Talks About “Green Lantern” Movie


Via SocialiteLife:

In a recent interview with MTV News, Ryan Reynolds discussed his highly anticipated film “Green Lantern.” With shooting set to begin within the next year, Reynolds best described the film by saying, “It is [an origin] story to a certain degree, but it’s not a labored origin story, where the movie begins in the third act. The movie starts when it starts. We find out Hal is the guy fairly early on, and the adventure begins.”

Reynolds went on to suggest that viewers will likely “walk away from this first film, and the moments that [they will] remember and the moments that [will mean so much to them], not unlike ‘Iron Man’ [will be] the moments where the guy’s not in the suit.”

With “Green Lantern” being just one of two comic movies in the works for Reynolds, the other is “Deadpool,” it appears that viewers can look forward to a ton of action, and some memorable moments!

Ryan Reynolds is Hal Jordan in Green Lantern Movie?


The big comic-book-movie news du jour is that Ryan Reynolds (and not Bradley Cooper, as I had previously posted) has been cast as Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green Lantern movie. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Ryan is usually so silly, even when playing a badass role like in Blade 3. However, he did pull of psycho crazy in The Amityville Horror. I never saw Wolverine (gasp, I know, how dare I call myself a fanboy?) so I can’t speak to how good he was in that movie. I’m at least glad that they picked someone with a rockin’ body to play my favorite green super hero.


Chris Hemsworth Wields the Big Hammer

chris_hemsworth_00 chris_hemsworth_thor_00

Chris Hemsworth, the hottie who played George Kirk (James Kirk’s daddy who dies on the Kelvin), has been cast as Thor in Marvel’s upcoming movie. I think it’s a good casting choice. First, Hemsworth is uber-dreamy enough to play the gorgeous, blond God of Thunder. Second, when Chris is all shaggy he’s kinda got a Norse look to him. Well, he could pull it off anyway.

Check out some hot pics of Chris Hemsworth. Those sure are some dreamy eyes…

chris_hemsworth_star_trek_01 chris_hemsworth_star_trek_02 chris_hemsworth_star_trek_03 chris_hemsworth_shaggy_01 chris_hemsworth_shaggy_02 chris_hemsworth_shaggy_03

And, it wouldn’t be a Thor movie unless the god gets to bare his muscular Nordic chest. I think with a little bit of training, Chris will be pumped enough to be carry the big hammer. He’s more than half-way there already. Check it out:

thor_shirtless_1 thor_shirtless_2 thor_shirtless_3 chris_hemsworth_shirtless_01 chris_hemsworth_shirtless_02 chris_hemsworth_shirtless_03

And here’s a couple clips of Chris playing the role of a surfer beach dude in the Australian soap opera Home and Away.

Hugh Jackman Naked in Wolverine


You may know that a DVD quality version of Wolverine leaked on the nets. I have no intention of watching it on the tubes. I plan on watching it on the big screen for full effect. However, I am not above leering at the screencaps of naked Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine. Enjoy:

More at Socialite Life

New Wolverine Trailer

Oh, hell yes! This movie looks like it’ll be pretty good.


I’m actually excited to see Gambit in this movie. Hopefully he doesn’t suck like he did in the cartoon. Thanks to Reg for making sure I knew about the trailer’s premiere today.

Hugh Jackman is Wolverine and an Asshole

Check out these new photos of Hugh Jackman from the upcoming Wolverine origin-story movie. I thought he looked pretty hot. Then I read this snippet from an interview he gave to MTV and I was annoyed at his sexism. Of course, I’m inclined to believe this is his way of hiding his gayness by saying, “Rawr, look what big chauvinist man me is. Me big man want bang little lady.” Whatevs. He’s kinda lame.

MTV: You were pretty forthright with People magazine when they asked you about the three biggest rumors about you.

Jackman: Gay, gay and gay.

MTV: You said in that article that the rumors while you were playing Peter Allen in “The Boy From Oz” [on Broadway] bothered your wife. Did they ever bother you?

Jackman: Come on. No, it’s ridiculous. I just think the whole idea of judging someone based on their sexuality is ridiculous. In Australia, we’re much easier on all those fronts. I was playing a gay guy. I actually took it as a compliment. I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but I remember when I was about 19, me and my mate used to go to these dance parties which were 80 percent gay guys, 18 percent girls who were sick of heterosexual guys hitting on them, and then vultures like me and my mate. We would go there until 2 in the morning, when the girls were really drunk and wishing they weren’t with 80 percent gay guys.

MTV: So you’re basically the worst kind of straight guy?

Jackman: The worst! The leech! The vulture!

Uh huh. You go gurl. Keep saying it and maybe someday it’ll be true.

New Watchmen Trailer

Omg Omg Omg. My heart is pounding. This movie looks amazing.

Movie Trailer: Special

My buddy Nagu just showed me the trailer for Special. It’s an independent film about a guy who takes an experimental medication. He starts to believe that he has super powers, when in fact he’s having hallucinations that are side effects of the medication. Nagu and I are totally going to see this movie.

Movie Trailer: PUSH – with Chris Evans

OMG. How freaking awesome does this movie look? I cannot wait. And, it’s got Chris Evans in it. That man is one hot piece of man flesh. I am so there opening night: February 6, 2009. Hell yes!

Check out the Apple hi-rez trailers.

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