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Wonder Woman Done Right

Female Super Hero Fan Film from Jesse V. Johnson on Vimeo.


Iron Man 3 Teaser Trailer

Yep. Gonna be awesome…

WonderCon Green Lantern Preview

It looks so bad.

Secret Identities

Love this.

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights Trailer

First DC released Green Lantern: First Flight, which was awesome. (Read my review here). Now they’re set to release another one called Green Lantern: Emerald Knights. Both of these animated films look about a million times better than the live action movie is likely to be. Sigh.

First Thundercats Movie Footage

Oy vey. This doesn’t look particularly good. Of course, the exclamation, “Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats, Hooooo!” brought back all kinds of fun childhood memories. Maybe there’s still some hope for the movie. (fingers crossed)

UPDATE: Here’s the story behind where this footage comes from, and the status of the Thundercats movie.

Thor > Britney

The new Britney Spears video came out tonight. I watched it. I was underwhelmed.

Then I watched the new Thor trailer. I was the opposite of underwhelmed. Whelmed? Overwhelmed? Fucking ZOMG is what I was.

X-Men First Class – Official Trailer

Oh. Hell. Yes.

Captain America and Thor Trailers

Captain America: A Poster That Piques My Interest

I’ll admit to being less than enthusiastic about the Captain America movie. I thought Chris Evans (although I adore him and his body to death) was a bad casting choice. I also thought the early costume pictures seemed too boring. But this poster actually got me interested again. There’s just something about the quiet seriousness of it that makes me want to know more. Maybe this movie will be okay after all.

Green Lantern Teaser Poster

I still hate the costume.

Thor Teaser Trailer

Batman and Pelosi

I couldn’t help but repurpose this quote from The Dark Knight:

Nancy: Then why was it me who was the only one who lost everything in November!?
Batman: It wasn’t.
Nancy: The GOP chose me!
Batman: Because you were the best of us! They wanted to prove that someone as good as you could fall!

The difference between Nancy Pelosi and Harvey Dent is that Pelosi is still kicking and fighting the good fight.

Never give up, Nancy!

Green Lantern Official Trailer Debuts

Hrm. I’m skeptical…

First Green Lantern Movie Footage Leaked

Oh. Hell. Yes.

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