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Chris Pine in Humpy Action

Yum. This was the biggest tease in the whole movie. The humptastic scene was only about 3 seconds long. Boooo. More Kirk in his undies! The fans demand it!


Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto on SNL

Chris Pine Takes a Shirtless Stroll

Oooh: Christian is going to LOVE this post when he sees it!!! I think you can even see a little bit of newkirk’s peen bulge…


via Just Jared

Trek Yourself

From Dan Meth who says, “I made a brand-new cartoon for Comedy Central spoofing that new Star Trek movie. My version imagines what it would have been like if this prequel was made in the 80’s/90’s heyday of teen comedies. Kirk, Spock, and the gang in high school… hmmmm.”

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Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film as, ‘Fun, Watchable’

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As ‘Fun, Watchable’

Star Trek Protocols from Cracked.com

OMG. I looooovvvve Cracked.com:


Star Trek Cakes

Oooooh boy. There boldly go into a realm go geekiness where no one has gone before! (Thanks to Orange for sharing.)





via CakeWrecks

Virgins Eagerly Await Star Trek

Via Borowitz Report (and via Christian):

Studio Predicts Biggest Virgin Turnout Ever

Paramount Pictures, which is releasing the latest Star Trek movie this Friday, is hoping for record box office returns, fueled by a big turnout from the movie franchise’s core audience: virgins.

While the studio has high hopes for the movie’s success with the general audience, it is taking great pains to target the group that has flocked to every previous Star Trek film, and that means reaching out to people who have never come close to having sex.

“There is already a terrific buzz about this movie among virgins online,” said Paramount distribution spokesman Tracy Klujian. “The good news for us is, virgins spend a lot of time online.”

While Paramount admits that it has done its homework to reach America’s virgins, conducting audience testing and focus groups with moviegoers who have never been on a date, they are not taking the virgin audience for granted.

“There are so many things competing for virgins’ attention in the marketplace,” he said. “Not just the Internet, but computer games, comic books, and Transformers 2.”

Zach Sussberg, 24, a virgin in Flint, Michigan, said that he had cleared out his entire weekend to make sure that he sees the new Star Trek film.

“Everybody says that this new Star Trek is better than sex,” he said. “But hey, I wouldn’t know.”

Interestingly, Paramount’s Klujian said that the studio is not targeting moviegoers involved in the abstinence movement: “Let’s face it, those kids are having more sex than anybody.”

Star Trek Clock: Stardate Awesome

Christian and I soooo need to get one of these for our new room together.


Via io9 and Etsy

Chris Pine: Naked and Gay


Apollo sent me these awesome screen caps from Surrender Dorothy in which Chris Pine goes shirtless and plays a homosexual. Haawwt.

Warp 11 Star Trek Tribute Band

Some people even make Christian and Lene look tame in their Trekkie fandom.

Wow. Just, wow.

Creative Models of Star Trek’s Enterprise

Fun times via io9.


Austin Trekkies Get Surpise Viewing of Star Trek Movie

How effing dope would this be? You think you’re going to see a few minutes of the new Star Trek movie as a preview to watching Star Trek II. Then, Nimoy comes on stage and tells you that you’re going to see the whole freaking awesome new Star Trek movie?! I think Christian would probably piss his pants with excitement if they pulled that surprise on him. Loss of all bodily functions would be the minimum effect, for sure.

Anyway, check out the Tweet reviews of the movie.

holy fuck! the new Star Trek fucking rules the universe
– Harry Knowles, AICN

Just got super secret clearance to tell you that yes, I saw JJ’s Star Trek. And I was blown away. it is super accessible, in the right ways. Fans at my screening also dug it, so that bodes well.
– Niel Miller, FilmSchoolRejects

Yeah, that Star Trek 2 screening turned out to be the premiere of JJ Abram’s Star Trek. Seriously, I cannot believe how good it was.
– Rodney Perkins, Film, esq.

The cast is superb, the story is compelling, the action is exciting, and Abrams even avoids any blatant cheesy “winks” about his reboot. If Star Trek is the bluebird of the summer movie season, then we are in for a great ride.
– Johnny Rollerfeet

Family Guy Does Star Trek

Check out the trailer for the upcoming Family Guy/Star Trek episode at Fox.com!!


Shatner Responds to Trekker’s Rant

This is so good. Dude, don’t take it so seriously!

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