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Green Lantern Teaser Poster

I still hate the costume.

Thor Teaser Trailer

Batman and Pelosi

I couldn’t help but repurpose this quote from The Dark Knight:

Nancy: Then why was it me who was the only one who lost everything in November!?
Batman: It wasn’t.
Nancy: The GOP chose me!
Batman: Because you were the best of us! They wanted to prove that someone as good as you could fall!

The difference between Nancy Pelosi and Harvey Dent is that Pelosi is still kicking and fighting the good fight.

Never give up, Nancy!

Green Lantern Official Trailer Debuts

Hrm. I’m skeptical…

First Green Lantern Movie Footage Leaked

Oh. Hell. Yes.

Winnie the Pooh Remake

It’s rare that Disney tones down the “go all out and make thing 3D explodey magical special effecty” and does something the right way. This remake of Winnie the Pooh looks like it has real potential to be, dare I say, good. Thanks to Benacker for giving me the heads up.

Daft Punk: Derezzed Video from TRON: Legacy

Yay Olivia!!

Female Character Flowchart

Via my buddy Ben Acker. Originally here.


Star Wars Posters

It’s rare that I post anything related to Star Wars, because I’m much more of a Trekkie. But these are pretty cool unofficial Star Wars posters I turned up on Tumblr.


This reminds me of Wizard People, Dear Reader except for lots and lots of movies. Fun!

Madd Chadd Is Wicked Sexy (Step Up 3D)

I saw Step Up 3D this weekend and the acting was awful. Actually, the two worst actors were the the goody guy (Luke) and the bad guy (Julian). And despite both these characters being very good looking, I couldn’t look past their bad acting. The highlight of the movie was Madd Chadd and his amazing robot-poppin’. I totally want him to work those moves on me in the bedroom. Damn. Check him out:

This Actually Happens in Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Movie Review: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Lots and lots of spoilers contained within this review. You’ve been warned.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is stylistically awesome. Imagine 1960′s Batman TV show meets 1980s Nintendo meets 2000′s Guitar Hero. Another way of describing the movie is: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, now with added super powers. Some of my friends have complained that it was too overt or too over the top with the video game references. But that’s what I liked most about it.

Michael Cera plays the same role he plays in every movie: an awkward dork who doesn’t know how to act around girls. Normally I’d be bored silly with him being typecast yet again. But I was okay with it this time because it was so over the top, keeping with the rest of the movie.

Just like Nick and Norah, this movie has prominent gay characters. In both movies, the gay characters seem the most grounded and give the soundest advice. One way Pilgrim surpasses its Cera-predecessor is that there is an actual gay kiss, something that Nick and Norah’s lacked to my dismay. In Nick and Norah’s, Michael Cera’s fellow band members were entirely gay, and he was very comfortable with being surrounded by gay guys. I liked this story line a lot.

In Scott Pilgrim, Cera’s roommate (played by Kieran Culkin) is gay and they share a bed together in a tiny apartment. The directors never feel the need to address this situation or explain it to the audience. It’s just an accepted fact that contributes to the quirky tone. The cohabitation gets even funnier as the movie progresses and more men begin to share the same bed. Even then, it’s not addressed or treated as unusual. And there’s never an implication that Cera’s character is gay or bi-curious. He’s completely fine sharing a bed with a gay roommate (and his gay roommate’s “friends”) without it challenging his heterosexuality. Major kudos to the filmmakers for making a statement on the friendships gay men and straight men are capable of sharing — That a gay guy can be a straight guy’s friend without trying to get in his pants.

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