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Pirated DVD vs. Legal DVD

Chris Pine’s Booty in Star Trek DVD Bonus Features

Oh yeah… Apparently there’s a new angle of the famous Chris Pine sexy scene on the Star Trek DVD release. Form this angle we can see his nice round booty much much better. Yummy.


The End of Suburbia

I’ve been meaning to watch The End of Suburbia since I first heard about it in 2004. Well, I finally got around to watching it on the flight back from Virginia on Sunday. The documentary explores the history of suburban development, and its fate when peak oil production is reached. These guys knew exactly what they were talking about. Almost everything they predicted for 2010 almost four years ago is coming to pass today.

A few relevant quotes include:

What would it be like to live after the Hubbert Peak with world oil declining. And, I have this list of things:

  • $7 Trillion lost out of the US Stock market
  • 2 million jobs lost in the United States
  • Federal budget surplus gone
  • State budget surpluses gone
  • The middle class disappearing.
  • Kenneth Deffeyes
    Author, Hubbert’s Peak: The Impending Oil Shortage

    Because energy prices and the economy are so closely intertwined, [reaching Hubbert’s peak globally] would probably result in an economic recession.
    Richard Heinberg

    The Onion Movie

    OMFG. This looks amazing. Getting Steven Segal to parody himself is brilliant!

    Battlestar Galactica: Razor

    Jamie Bamber TowelI rented Battlestar Galactica: Razor and had no idea what to expect. But, the fact that it had the words Battlestar Galactica on the cover was a pretty good sign that I was going to dig it. And sure enough, I loved this featurette. Razor tells the story of the Pegasus, the second Battlestar that enters the series in Season 2. Much of the story is told through flashback sequences. We get a glimpse into how and why the Pegasus survived the attack on the 12 colonies. We also get the backstory of Admiral Cain. The story mostly follows a character named Kendra Shaw. I found her character neither objectionable nor interesting. She seemed overly angry all the time, without significant cause.

    There’s only one problem I had with the story. Cain is this tough-as-nails Admiral who goes kind of psycho after the Cylon attack. Understandable. She runs a tight ship, but her crew respects her. Believable. Then she goes a little crazy and shoots her XO. Okay, can still believe it. And then it’s revealed she’s a lesbian and is having a secret relationship with the hot blond Cylon “Six.” Um, baroo?

    Why did she have to be a lesbian? It’s such a cliched stereotype to make her this bitchy lesbian. Why can’t she just be a tough heterosexual woman? Is the only way to explain her aggression to make her a lesbian? Can heterosexual women not be tough? Maybe I’m overreacting, but I had a pretty guttural, negative reaction when they introduced that element into the story.

    Except for that one issue, I loved every second of Razor. It’s a great way to tide myself over until the fourth and final season airs.

    Blades of Glory

    Blades of GloryI usually don’t like Will Ferrell at all. I avoid his movies because I think Will is a big oaf who plays slight variations of the same character time and again. (One exception, of course, being Stranger Than Fiction which was amazing and totally different than anything else he’s ever done.)

    Tonight Matty and Migs convinced me to watch Blades of Glory. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Will Ferrell and Jon Heder played vibrant characters unlike any I’d seen before. The plot was riotously funny too. Will Arnett and Amy Poehler played amazingly hilarious villains. Cameos by skating greats like Scott Hamilton, Peggy Flemming, Dorothy Hammil, Nancy Kerrigan, and Brian Boitano made the absurd plot almost believable. Ok, not so much. But they definitely made the movie more fun.

    I would watch this movie again, and that’s the first time I’ve ever said that about a Will Ferrell comedy.


    Shia DisturbiaI had low expectations for this movie. Like really really really really low. Fortunately the movie wasn’t as bad as I had feared. I’m not going to make some wild claim that this was the best movie ever made, or that it was even a “great” movie. But it was thrilling and suspenseful. And Shia, as always, was a total hottie.

    Race You to the Bottom

    Race You to the BottomInstead of going to the Dore Alley Street Fair today, I instead opted to stay home and rent a dvd. The gays probably know about Race You to the Bottom because Tara from Buffy is in it. I had heard about this movie via the gay blogosphere a few months back because of this.

    Although this is a gay-themed movie, it’s not your average throw-away gay fluff. The story revolves around a couple who takes a road trip from LA to Napa. The twist is that he’s a self-hating homo, she’s his straight fag hag, and both have boyfriends that they’re cheating on. The drama unfolds when on the trip she expresses her love for him and he can’t admit the same.
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    A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

    Shia and Scottish buddyMigs, Matty, and I watched A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints over the weekend. Um, what the hell is this movie supposed to be about? I get the basic premise: Robert Downey Jr plays an author is who returning to his home in Astoria for the first time in almost 20 years. Most of the story is told in flashback, illustrating why life sucked so bad that he had to escape. But the movie left me confused and wanting more.
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    Matt Dallas in Camp Daze

    Camp Daze Poster Last night Migs and I watched Camp Daze (aka Camp Slaughter). I’ll just be honest here, we watched it for one reason only: Matt Dallas acting all homo-ified. And we got what we hoped for. The Kyle XY actor plays a gay guy who develops a crush on a blond twink in this supposed horror film. (You may recall my previous post in which I questioned the sexual orientation of Mr. Dallas.)

    What Migs and I didn’t expect was homoeroticism that went far beyond Matt Dallas’s gay character. There were shirtless boys galore, many of whom were extremely well built and scantily clad. Super-hottie Ikaika from the show Making the Band: O-Town, plays the role of a camp counselor. And damn, does that boy have amazing abs! How do I know, you ask? Well, because he parades around in a half-shirt and short-shorts throughout the movie.
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    Sloppy Seconds: Marco Dapper

    Marco DapperMarco Dapper Marco Dapper cocky

    Holy Hot Damn! There’s one reason, and one reason only to watch Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds: Marco “I’m the fucking hottest mother-effer ever” Dapper. This drop dead gorgeous hunk of man meat drops trou in the first few minutes of the movie while he models for an art class. Marco Dapper’s chiseled abs, pouty lips, perfectly sculpted pecs, ass, legs, and his low-hangers steal the show right off the bat (ahem).

    Once I managed to calm myself down, I found that I actually liked the movie too. It was far better than its predecessor in several ways. The jokes felt fresher, the story was a little more believable, and the acting was a tad better in the sequel. The story goes something like this: Gay1 and Gay2 break up. Gay1 meets Marco and falls in love. Marco thinks he might be gay and flirts with Gay1. Gay1 and Marco attend an ex-gay group to cure themselves of their illness (when actually it’s just a sneaky way for Gay1 to get closer to Marco). Then Gay2 gets jealous and moves in on Marco too. Meanwhile Faghag 1 and 2 also both move in on Marco. Marco figures out he’s being used and tricks Gay1 into going down on Faghag 1. In the end, Marco decides he’s swing both ways and gets with a chick. Meanwhile Gays 1 and 2 get back together, Faghag1 turns lesbian, ex-gays are now ex-ex-gay (gay) and alls well that ends well.

    Not the most amazing story ever, but it’s fun with cute characters. I know this is stretching it, but it has elements of a topsy-turvy Shakespeare play. Watch it for the jokes. Watch it for the cute story. But most of all, watch it so you can stare at Marco Dapper naked.

    More Marco Dapper: myspace, mostbeautifulman, techstickle, and bentblog.

    More NSFW pics of Marco Dapper after the jump.
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