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Happy Wednesday


Gun Control Now

Something I rarely tell people is that at a summer job during college I witnessed a coworker be shot and murdered with a semi-automatic rifle. I was 20 years old and was only about 20 feet away when I witnessed the whole gruesome ordeal. I won’t get into the specifics except to say that it forever affected my feelings towards guns.

I will also note that I grew up with guns in our house. My dad is an avid hunter and a gun owner. But my whole life I can remember him saying that gun owners have a responsibility to make guns harder to get by crazy people. That a responsible hunter should want stricter regulations, waiting periods, and bans on weapons meant only for man-killing. My great uncle was a marksman in World War II, a rifle enthusiast, and a life long member of the NRA. He renounced his membership when they started becoming paranoid zealots.

All this to say I have strong history that has led to my belief in sensible gun control that includes a ban on assault weapons and large-ammo clips, bans on concealed weapons of any sort, extensive waiting periods and psych evaluations, and strict limits on the number of guns a person should be allowed to own.

Friday’s events have wrecked me. 20 children are dead and I can’t seem to stop crying. I cried at work. I cried when I got home. I cried before bed. I cried at the gym this morning as I was unable to escape my thoughts and being constantly bombarded by the 24-news cycle blaring on all TVs at the gym. I cried again this afternoon watching the stories of teachers who protected their children as the carnage took place around them.

There is a place for crying. But it is not enough. Action must be taken. Last night I signed up for monthly contributions to the Brady Campaign. I have posted extensively on Facebook and engaged with friends who hold slightly different opinions than mine. But more must be done. An easy first step is for any of you reading this who feel the same as I do to contribute to the Brady Campaign. Another step you can take is to write to or call your Representatives and Senators in Congress and demand that the Federal Assault Weapons Ban that expired in 2004 be brought to an immediate vote and passed. Those are starting points. We must also pass stricter hand gun laws and increase our mental health services infrastructure, to name only a few more.

Please don’t let this fade. Don’t let us find ourselves shedding more tears every other month ad infinitum. Don’t let more children, YOUR children, be the next to die senselessly at the end of a military grade weapon. Take action. Gun Control Now.


Reflecting on Relationships

A little something I thought up this weekend…

When You Don’t Really Mean “I’m Sorry”

I almost wrote an “I’m sorry” text to a friend the other night. But as I proofread it (yes, I proofread my texts), I realized I was using two words that totally change the sentiment. In fact, using either or both of these words changes “I’m sorry” from being an apology into a passive aggressive criticism of the other person. Usually this just escalates the situation because the apologizee feels unsatisfied and the apologizer feels like they made an apology and their irrational friend wouldn’t accept it.

Ready for the two words? Ready to learn how to apologize the right way?

The two words are: if and you.

If you say, “I’m sorry if you misheard me,” then what you’re really saying is, “You don’t listen, I didn’t do anything wrong, and the only thing I’m really sorry about is that you don’t listen.”

If you say, “I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear,” then you’re half way there but still avoiding the apology. This statement still uses “if” which suggests that you may or may not have been unclear. You’re not truly acknowledging that you did the thing for which you are apologizing. And your friend is likely to feel that it’s a conditional/hypothetical apology and maybe you’re only saying it to make the problem go away.

The appropriate replacement words are that and I. Remember, it’s always about “I” statements.

Thus, the proper apology is, “I’m sorry that I was unclear.” This statement conveys that you are taking ownership of an action that caused a problem for the other person.

However, if you don’t actually mean the statement above, and you do actually mean “if you,” then consider your true intent. Apologize if you mean it, and do it the right way. But if you don’t mean it, don’t use the passive aggressive “if you” which will only fan the flames of the original argument.

Muscle Music with Old Spice

Old Spice gets it.

Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo.

Ex-Army Militia Planned to Overthrow the Government

Freaky news of the day via HuffPo

Holy Crap: What a Difference 10 Years Makes

The first two pics are of me and my friend Galit getting ready for a party 10 years ago. The last is a picture of me today. 10 years. Wow.

I’m Back…

It’s been one year and 4 months since I was last here. The primary reason for leaving was a new job, new apartment, new boyfriend. Now that the job is under control, the boyfriend has come and gone, and the apartment is super stable, I feel it’s a good time to come back.

I also stopped writing because I felt that Loganotron had served an important purpose over the four years I’d been writing. I was able to express myself in ways I hadn’t before. And then with exciting new developments in my life, I didn’t know what place the blog had in my life anymore. I’m still not exactly sure what place I want it to have going forward. But I do know that I’ve had a desire to be sharing my thoughts again.

I’m reading good books that I want to recommend and review. I’m watching some trash TV that you should all know about. And more than anything, there’s a fucking crazy political shit show that I absolutely want to comment on.

Posts won’t be coming as fast and furious as they used to once upon a time. But I’ll be here as often as I have things to say. And if you’ve ever met me in person, you know that I always have something to say…

So stay tuned, buckle up, cliche cliche cliche. Let’s have some fun!

Juggling Monster


via DQS

Carlin Step by DJ Steve Porter

My buddy Ben Acker just shared this video with me. I immediately recognized DJ Steve Porter as the dude who remixed my favorite YouTube video: The Slap Chop Remix. Check out Porter’s George Carlin remix. Pretty awesome:

Pika Pika?

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Explained: Great Britain, England, UK

This is awesome. I love the diagrams.

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Porcelain Unicorn

I’m on a Bear!

The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity

Yep, that’s about right. Add Tumblr and Google Reader and you’d have my Bermuda Pentagon.

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