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Man Candy and Cupcakes

Presented without comment:

via Kickstarter

Slick It Up

Who cares that Francois Sagat is in this video? Not me, that’s who. But Chase Hostler is in it, which makes me very happy.

Santa Strips and Pole Dances

Aussie Bum has a wonderful holiday gift for us — Santa stripping down to his AussieBums and pole dancing. Wowie Zowie! Almost makes me want to believe in Saint Nick again.

A Whole New Way to Beatbox

This is kind of awesome. I love it. And the guy is super cute. Make sure to pay close attention at the :45 second mark.

Milk67: White Monks

Yeah so you really really need to watch this music video. It’s very NSFW, but whoa. So fucking hot.

via DQS

Naked Dude Rocks Out to Bon Jovi (Semi-NSFW)

This dude has badonkadonk booty for days. Wow. Just… wow!

via WGB

Total Hottie Performs SNL “Surprise Party”

He’s so expressive. And hot. And funny. I cracked up.

Hercules: A Concept Film by Mariano Vivanco

NSFW: Boobs and Butts

Hercules 9, Mariano Vivanco from Luca Finotti on Vimeo.

How to Shave Your Chest

I saw this over at Wicked Gay Blog and, um… I got waaay too excited. Sure, the dude sounds like a tool and he calls his pecs “titties.” But still, just look at that chest! When he splashes water of his chest, it’s like the start of a bad porn. If only it progressed down the normal porno path… bow chicka bow bow. You can check out the dude’s other show-off videos here.

Hello Kitty Boy Undies

Where do I buy these?

“Sometimes I Just Want to Cuddle”

I was Google image searching today for Brandweek covers and I stumbled on this amazing and sexy and random photo. It was the subject of a caption contest and “Sometimes I just want to cuddle” was the winning caption. Awesome!

André Ziehe for 2(X)IST

Omg, this is the hottest video ever. André Ziehe makes me weak in the knees. Make sure to click through for two hot underwear shots…

The hot underwear shots after the jump

Cazwell’s “Ice Cream Truck”

OMG. This is totally NSFW. And After watching this video, I think I need a few minutes to myself, if you get my drift. Hotttttt!

PAG – The Lady Is Dead

I spotted this video over at Homotography. While it’s a bit beyond my comprehension, I still found it visually stunning and sexually stimulating.

Homotography comments:

Director Roy Raz leaves me quite speechless with his new avant-garde video ‘The Lady is Dead.’ The captivating clip is set to the song ‘In His Shirt’ by The Irrepressibles, and well… you just have to watch (kinda NSFW) because I can’t really describe it.

Credits after the jump

Naked Power Yoga

First, I had to do a double take when I first saw this EthanSays. I thought it said “Naked Power Bottom Yoga.” Maybe that was just a Freudian Slip, or something. Haha…

Second, this video is super hot and NSFW (naked booty and boys kissing). The best part though, is at the 1:43 mark when yoga hottie Ryan Clifford winks at the camera. So cute!

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