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American English

This is too funny. Check the original below.

GLEE Powerfully Addresses the Use of “Faggy”

I haven’t seen last night’s episode of GLEE yet. But this clip (via WGB) just powerfully moved me. Kurt’s dad is an amazing character, and his speech against the use of the word “faggy” is spot-on.


Via my friend Dustin. Check out the amazing set of Teabonics photos at Flickr:

These are signs seen primarily at Tea Party Protests.
They all feature “creative” spelling or grammar.
This new dialect of the English language shall be known as “Teabonics.”


Via MHDaily via Robot Chicken


Loved this:

NYT: One Word

The New York Times has a cool interactive political language widget. They ask: What One Word Best Describes How You Feel a Year After President Obama’s Election? The results are interesting. Not surprisingly, the Republican words are almost all negative, with a few positive words. The Democrat words start out with some positivity, then start to become more of a mixed bag or neutral, finally converting to negative sentiments. My word: Impatient.

NYT One Word Republican
NYT One Word Democrat 1
NYT One Word Democrat 2

Current TV – That’s Gay: “No Homo”

Bay Area Slang Top 100

OMG. This blew my mind.


song chart memes

Favorite Term of the Day

I was reading the internets and stumbled upon my new favorite term of the day:

Homo Erectus

Bwahahahahahaha. Love it!

And, a Google Image Search turned up this awesome comic strip from Ian Hanks. Click through for some naughty samples of the Homo Erectus hunting skills. (NSFW)
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That’s So Gay

I remember years ago when the boys on South Park used to say “that’s gay” to express dislike. It wasn’t long afterward that I noticed my sister saying it too. I knew my sister didn’t hate gays (she’s a borderline fag hag). But, it proved that the meme had worked itself into the public vernacular. I’m glad to see Wanda Sykes and Hilary Duff helping to educate on this issue. It’s always bugged me, and I try to point it out to people when I hear them say it.

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