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Soviet History, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris

via my buddy Ben Acker.


Caption: President Barack Obama’s signature on the health insurance reform bill at the White House, March 23, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

via The White House on Flickr

A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

Superheroes Photoshopped into Historical Photos

This. Is. Awesome.

World War II: The Simple Version

Best thing I’ve seen on the tubes all week. And, it’s a good history lesson to boot. Here’s a sample. read the rest of the post to see the whole story:


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The Fascinating History of Cereal

Mental Floss is officially my new favorite procrastination tool. The great thing is, it’s mostly work-related. Tons of stuff about brands and logos to qualify…

This history of the cereal industry blew my mind. It’s got everything: Brand origins, history, competition, innovation, Post, Kellog, Disney, Quaker, cartoons, TV, advertising… All accompanied by great supporting images. A must read!

Did Climate Change Topple the Roman Empire?

A new ion microprobe for analyzing stalactites suggests that climate change may have at least been one factor in the collapse of the Roman Empire:

Scientists have discovered extraordinarily precise data on rainfall in the Mediterranean region from 200 B.C. to 1100 A.D. which suggests that the fall of the Roman and Byzantine empires may have been partly caused by climate change.

It is not likely to end the debate among historians, some of whom believe the fall was more of a transformation than a collapse, but it is a tantalizing bit of evidence. And the way it was collected is as intriguing as the fact that researchers can now analyze rainfall on a year-to-year basis, season to season, even many thousands of years ago.

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