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San Franciscans Like New York

I saw this the other day and loved it. Pretty much hits the nail on the head:


New York: There is one place that San Franciscans believe is better than San Francisco, and that place is New York City. San Franciscans love New York City, and almost all of them aspire to one day make enough money at their humorous bicycle zine to become bi-coastal.

Apparently, there’s just something about ridiculously expensive rent that makes San Franciscans scream for more. San Franciscans think that New York and San Francisco are like The Conservatory and The Lounge in the game of Clue: there’s a secret passage beneath them that allows a player to go all the way across the board in one move.

When their friends and business associates announce that they are moving to New York you will often see a slight tightening at the eyes of any San Franciscan within earshot. This is one way that San Franciscans pretend to have emotions, and the emotion they are affecting here is jealousy. Then they will ask the person where they are moving to, and the answer will almost certainly be either Williamsburg or the East Village.

But it’s not enough for the movee to specify a neighborhood. San Franciscans want cross-streets, because nine out of ten San Franciscans actually knows the geography of New York better than they know how to get around their own neighborhood after 12 Red Stripes. continued…

Discovery of Ancient Mountain Range in Antarctica


Scientists have discovered an ancient mountain range buried deep under snow and ice in Antarctica. The mystery involves the fact that a Russian explorer mentioned this range in his notes nearly 50 years ago. Also, this discovery may prove that it may take a lot less time for glacial snowpack to accumulate.

piri-reis-mapThis discovery reminded me of the Piri Reis map of 1513 which demonstrates nautical knowledge of Antarctica long before the continent’s official discovery in the 1800s. Charles Hapgood postulates that because the last time Antarctica was ice-free was over 6,000 years ago, the map is evidence of a pre-modern civilization that was sea-faring, knowledgeable in mathematics, and skilled in cartography. I wonder how the recent discovery affects Hapgood’s theory…

It would appear that Antarctica is filled with mystery. In fact, I beth that’s where Atlantis is!!

Via Daily Galaxy:

An international team of experts have mapped a huge, incredibly old location, mentioned in the notes of a Russian explorer from half a century ago, buried under hundreds of meters of ice. In an amazing break with tradition this process did not result in the unleashing of ancient horrors, a self-destruct sequence, alien invasion or anyone shooting at Indiana Jones. They’ve examined the entire Gamburtsev mountain range, 700 meters tall and buried under a kilometer of Antarctica.

The mountains are a massive mystery – they seem to be half a billion years old, but on a tectonic scale you can’t just say “that’s a long time ago so who cares.” There are no other indications of such titanic tectonics in the area at the time, and the range has none of the signs of volcanic formation. Which is a pity, as volcanoes erupting into thousands of tons of solid ice is probably the only way this incredible landscape could sound any more awesome.

Scientists hope the findings will aid predictions about the effects of climate change on ice sheets and challenge long-held views that the ice sheet formed over millions of years.The new research suggests they formed in a fraction of the time and the area could have been ice free at some points in history.

This means any rapid fluctuation in global temperature could have a much faster effect on the formation of ice sheets than previously thought.

Test Your Geographical Knowledge of the Middle East

I saw this posted over at Lady Leblanc’s blog, and I had to give it a try. The map is interactive and lets you drag and drop names of countries onto a blank map. I did better than I thought I would. I got a large swath of countries correct from Morocco over to Pakistan. I didn’t know where any of the other “-stan” countries were located and didn’t know any of the African countries that don’t touch the Mediterranean. That’s not so good. Keep reading the post to see how far I got before I totally stumbled on my lack of geography knowledge.

I encourage you to click here and give it a try too!

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