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CAKE from the Skies

Techie friends: I have a serious problem and I really need your help. Last night I ate an entire share size box of Junior Mints. And by share size, I mean I shared them with me myself and my belly while I watched TV all night. But here’s the thing: I didn’t want Junior Mints. What I really I wanted was a slice of German chocolate cake and a ginger ale. But it was late and I was already in my pajamas and the store is so very far away. So techie friends here’s what I’d like your help with. Remember Tacocopter? Yeah, like that. But for cake. So I really need you to invent the CakeCopter: Drones that fly cake to me at any time of the day or night. I don’t even need variety. Just preload that shit with some German chocolate goodness and deliver it to me on the daily and I’ll be a happy customer and your new best friend. I’ll even be your first Kickstarter contributor. Ready. Set. Cake!


A Fishy Dilemma

10 years ago this very month I read a book that changed my life. Once I’d read Mad Cowboy (written by a cattle rancher who tells about the disgusting ways in which most beef/chicken/pork is actually raised in the US), I gave up eating meat for environmental and personal health reasons. After five years of being strictly vegetarian I added fish back into my diet, thinking it was the healthiest way to diversify my protein intake. Now, with the endless and horrific stories regarding the pollution of the ocean (from human refuse to tsunami debris to radiation) and the environmental impact of overfishing, my two key rationale for eating fish (health and environment) have been obliterated. I’m at a crossroads again just as I was 10 years ago. I’m struggling with whether I try to go completely vegetarian again (highly unlikely given my lifestyle, activity levels, and the amounts of protein I need to consume) or back to eating meat as long as I acquire it at local farmer’s markets with the assurance it’s grass fed, free range, and organic. I know there are still good ranchers out there — my dad raises his cattle free range, grass fed, and is certified organic. It’s just… after 10 years my stomach actually turns at the thought of ingesting meat again. Morality can be extremely inconvenient sometimes. Argh. Any thoughts from my veggie friends who eventually went back to meat? Any thoughts from my pescetarian friends on the moral dilemma surrounding the death of the oceans? Help a fish-eating brother out…

Get the Facts: Corn Syrup

The Starbucks Trenta Infographic

via Scriptor and the National Post

The Story of Bottled Water

Honest Ade Blasphemes the Green Lantern

Yesterday I decided to avoid the hordes and masses of revelers at the SF Pride Parade. Instead, I leisurely enjoyed breakfast and then hiked up to the top of Kite Hill. I can see the open space park from my house, but I’d never actually visited it. Before heading up to the overlook, I stopped in and bought a bottle of Honest Ade lemonade and a Clif Bar to tide me over while up on the hill.

When I got to the top of Kite Hill, I noticed it was mostly weeds, foxtails to be exact. So, if you’re thinking of taking your dog up to the hill, think otherwise. This is truly and “open space” and isn’t a lush park with manicured lawns. I found a spot under a tree that was dirt (i.e., no weeds or stickers) and laid down my blanket. I got out my Nook ebook reader and decided to start reading Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. Everything was set. The only thing left was to start noshing on my snacks.

Even though I was breaking my diet of “no sugar drinks and no carb snacks” I decided to see just how much of an offense I would be committing by drinking an Honest Ade. Turns out it’s pretty low in sugar. Unfortunately, it was their marketing that took me by surprise and offended me to my very core. I appreciate that they use a super hero theme in their marketing paragraph on the label. However…

How dare they question the existence of Green Lantern?! He’s out there protecting sector 2814 everyday (that’s the sector of space that Earth resides in). Why they gotta hate like that? The gall…

I may never drink another Honest Ade again.

Gay Pride Bacon

While all the gays are out celebrating Pride at the Sunday Pride Parade, you can be showing your support from the comfort of your very own home. How, you ask? With Pride Bacon, of course!


I went to a birthday dinner last night at Gracias Madre, a vegan organic Mexican restaurant. Typically I flinch when friends suggest we go to an actual Mexican restaurant, because as a vegetarian, there’s very little I can order. I get tired of ordering vegetarian tacos or a vegetarian burrito. In this regard, Gracias Madre was a great alternative. My only hesitation was that it’s owned by the Cafe Gratitude people, and I’m not a huge fan of them or their high priced woo-woo vegan food. But, Gracias Madre is reasonably priced vegan Mexican restaurant without any of Gratitude’s hippy ordering schtick.

Dear Subway, Re: Your Cheese…

Everything You Need to Know About Fast Food

Everything You Need to Know About Fast Food
Via: Online Schools

Heinz Revamps the Ketchup Packet

Cool design. Via WCBS NewsRadio:

PORTLAND, OR (AP) — The ketchup packet has been around for more than 40 years, and complaints about it for nearly as long: too messy, too small, too hard to open. Now H.J. Heinz Co. is unveiling the first major packaging change to the to-go condiment.

The new design has a base that’s more like a cup for dipping and also a tear-off end for squeezing. It holds three times as much ketchup.

Heinz has long struggled to find a design that did all that that could also be sold cheaply enough.

The company recently made a solution a top priority. It even bought its design team a minivan to give their ideas real road tests.

The new packet is in test markets and will roll out at some fast-food restaurants in the fall.

The Five Second Rule?

Food, Inc.

I want to see this movie a lot. Michael Pollan is in the trailer, so I’ll bet this is like the movie version of the Omnivore’s Dilemma. The movie is playing at Embarcardero Theater. Who wants to see it with me? Maybe Friday night or something…

For more info, visit Hungry For Change.

End of the Line: Overfishing the Oceans

I really want to see this documentary. More on the film at End of the Line.

Daily Show’s Sam Bee Investigates Elistist Organic Farms

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