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Hilarious Dreams

I still cannot stop laughing. Last night I couldn’t sleep. There was too much funny stuff on the internet that was making me laugh and laugh and laugh. Finally, after I put the phone down, I started to drift off to sleep and was having a sleeping-pill induced dream about needing to keep this one door shut with twine, but I had to build a really fancy slipknot with the twine to slip over the door handle while it kept banging open and shut in the wind but when I got the silverware drawer out so I could get a knife to cut the twine all we had were spoons and I started laughing in my dream so hard and then that made me start giggling while asleep in real life really loudly and I woke myself up laughing and laughing and laughing. You get the humor right? It’s like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife. I died. And then kept laughing. Dying Laughing. My dream had become a song from my favorite singer of all time. And I’m still giggling about it this morning. But then…

When I fell back asleep I had a sex dream with a half human/half lion. Yeah basically I had a sex dream about Lion-O from the Thundercats. And it was hot. And I’m a nerd. The end.


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