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Amazing Impressions

Amazing Morgan Freeman Impression (plus three others) – watch more funny videos

Jamie Kennedy Goes Full Frontal

Jamie Kennedy has decided to show it all for his new film Finding Bliss. For the full frontal and several additional shots, visit DudeTube. Site is very NSFW.

Shia LeBlowjob


via Dewitt

Madonna’s Gollum Arms

Christian and I were watching 30 Rock last week, and Liz Lemon owned the funniest comment of the show. She was counseling Jenna on getting older and Liz said:

“You can try to fight getting older. You can be like Madonna and cling to youth with your Gollum arms…”

Christian and I fell over laughing and clutching our sides. We rewound and watched that clip like five times. Then Christian put together this awesome image:

Zac Efron: Enter Here…

OMG. I saw this over at Unzipped. As they say, Zac Efron makes bloggers’ jobs way too easy… “Enter Here” Hahahaha!


Ryan Phillipe’s Butt in Armani Ad

MHDaily dug this one up from the annals of awesomeness-past.

Ryan Barry and Victor Fehrenbach are Hot Santa BFs

Looks like Ryan Barry has a thing for washboard abs and former military homos. You may remember that the hot model Ryan stepped into the pink spotlight when he started dating Reichen Lehmkuhl. Now Ryan is dating equally studtastic Victor Fehrenbach who was kicked out of the military for being gay, after nearly two decades of service.

Check out this picture of the Ryan and his current fetish-former-military boyfriend-with-abs-of-steel Victor at a fundraiser in LA. (And, a few photos of Ryan and Reichen just because Reichen needs a little glimpse of the spotlight once and while too.)

6a00d8341c730253ef0120a70555a9970b-800wireichen-lehmkuhl-ryan-barry West Hollywood Municipal Park

Dear Buffy…


Srsly, Mmmmmkkkaaaaay!

via here

Enrique Iglesias Gets Naked in “Sad Eyes” Music Video

YouTube took the video down. You can still see it here.

Holy Latin hotness. Via Unzipped:

Back in 2000, Enrique Iglesias made a video for his Bruce Springsteen cover, “Sad Eyes,” but apparently there was too much flesh being flashed, so the clip got shelved. Thankfully, someone realized that the world needed to see Enrique Iglesias naked, wet, and stroking himself, and the music video was recently released.

A masturbating Enrique, wild bathtub f–king, and a 12-foot stripper pole/Enrique c-ck make this exactly the kind of softcore porn we can appreciate. Enjoy.

Jim Carrey’s New Web Site

Color me impressed:


Hot New Homo on the Block: Matt Bomer


Boy Culture points out that Perez (ick) has outed actor Matt Bomer. I had no idea who Matt Bomer was or that his new show White Collar even existed before five minutes ago. If Bomer is in fact out and proud, that’s fucking awesome. We need more hot actors to come out of the closet and be proud of it.

The funniest part of the Boy Culture post is when Matthew explains how fangirls have taken to the nets to prove Matt isn’t a homo:

Fangirls have invaded Data Lounge to argue—convincingly—that Bomer CAN’T be gay because he’s too hot and because they personnnalllly know, like, 10 girls he’s fucked. Some have pointed out that his kissing pix were just done as a drunken dare/joke with a male friend a couple of years ago. My favorite reply to that line of reasoning is:


Oh man, this hit home for me. The snarky summary of fangirl’s who defend their closeted homosexual crushes is so ridiculous. And, it also accounts for about 80% of the comments here on Loganotron.

And if you want to see him shirtless from previous roles, click here, here, and here.

Shirtless Mario Lopez Gets Dunked for Charity on Ellen

ZOMFG. Wow. You just know the highest pitched screams in the audience are from the homos. Well, the ones who hadn’t already passed out from over excitement, that is. Oh, Ellen has a nice throwing arm. Bam!

Jamie Foxx: “I Love My Gay Fans. Nude Pic Was Me.”

It’s cool to see that Jamie Foxx is pro-gay. And, if you didn’t see Jamie’s full monty nude pic that circulated, then you missed out. I’m a bit stunned to hear that it was actually him. That is one major piece of meat he’s packing. Check out the NSFW pic after the jump.

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Jonthan Bennett Might Be a “Friend of Kathy” (aka Gay)


You know who Jonathan Bennett is even if you don’t remember his name. He was “Aaron,” the love interest of Lindsey Lohan in Mean Girls. He was also Van Wilder in Van Wilder’s Freshmen Year. Christian and I watched it and thought it was cute, but was only tolerable because of Jonathan Mc-Dreamypants’ starring role.

Boy Culture has the supposed gay closeted scoop. Apparently in a recent article in The Advocate Kristin Calvallari refers to Jonathan as a “Friend of Kathy Griffin.” This is apparently new slang for “Friend of Dorothy,” both euphemisms for homosexual. Also, Manhunt Daily (great blog, btw) has linked Jonathan to uber-gay-closeted (in that “who are you kidding?” sort of way) Matt Dallas.

It’s hilarious and awesome that “Friend of Kathy” has replaced “Friend of Dorothy.” Love it! Also, I’d love for Jonathan to come out as a gay homosexual and parade around with his gorgeous boyfriend. It has done wonders for Doogie Howser’s career (um, hi… he went from virtual obscurity to hosting the Emmy’s. Yay for Gay!). I proclaim it: More actors should take the cue and just come on out! We promise to embrace you… with more than just our arms, hahahah!

Tyler Lautner New Shirtless Pics

Holy cradle robber chicken bait. Mama like…

tyler_lautner_01 tyler_lautner_02
tyler_lautner_03 tyler_lautner_04

via Ethan Says

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