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Tumblr Galore, But No Humpday Hotness Today

Hey folks,

This week has been a crazy one. I’ve kicked off two new client project in two days. Both Monday and Tuesday I woke up early and was a sleepy Logan by the end of the each day. In addition, I started a new six-week workout regimen on Monday. It’s intense and my goal is to add 15+ pounds of muscle in the next month or so. Needless to say, this is the first week in almost two years that I just didn’t have the energy to pull together a Humpday Hotness post.

I hope you’ll enjoy the alternative, though. I’ve posted 15 new hot booty pictures on my Tumblr. Make sure to check it out.

And stay tuned. I have no doubt that Humpday Hotness will return next week.

Happy Humpday,



I’ve raved about Exterface’s Unicorn before. My buddy John sent me this oil painting of the Exterface Unicorn guy today. It made my day.

Parody Abercrombie & Fitch Fragrance Ad

via Just Beautiful Men

Exterface: STUD!

You’ve seen me blog about Exterface before (Boy Wonder, Super Lover, Men in Lace, and most recently Unicorn). You might see a pattern emerging, a pattern of me loving Exterface’s man flesh-laden photography. Their newest photo spread STUD! made me feel all tingly down there. This boy is adorable in his geekshiek glasses, suspenders, and bunny ears. And his bubbly bodacious booty is delectable in that jockstrap. Haawwwt!

Make sure to check out the entire STUD! gallery.

And check out a few of my faves after the jump

Tight End – A Homoerotic Football Fantasy (NSFW)

I think this was the performance from the charity event Broadway Bares (or is it Broadway Cares) last year. This is the best video footage I’ve seen yet.

The description from YouTube:
Professional dancers dressed as football players, stripping and kissing. A dance performance for charity, June 2009. The song is LET IT ROCK by Kevin Rudolph.

Exterface’s Unicorn

I mentioned this a few weeks ago, and have been eagerly awaiting the release of the full photo shoot. Today, Exterface posted their oddly sexy Unicorn album. I’ve always had a thing for unicorns (it’s probably the whole phallus on the head thing). And this hot boy dressed up as a unicorn only deepens my fascination with the magical creatures. Click here for all 22 photos.

A short preview of hot boy Unicorn booty after the jump

Gay N’avi at White Party

The White Party took place in Palm Springs this weekend. And, I got to live vicariously through various dudes on Twitter who were swimming through the crowds of hot gay men all weekend. Not much to report, other than tanned, oiled, shirtless dudes in speedos. The one notable exception, though, was a costume party that Aden and Jordan Jaric posted pictures from. Check out these dudes painted up like N’avi. Wow!

Oh, and p.s. Roman Heart needs to lay off the botox and tanning booths. Whoa dude, scary (after the jump)….

Athletes Get Butt Massages

Um… HOT.

Bixente Lizarazu – Massaged
Uploaded by biako06. – Discover LGBT videos.

Thursday Night Boy Booty – Beach Booty

I miss summers spent in the pool or at the beach. As a kid, we had a big pool that we practically lived in during the summer. Nowadays, my summer beach experiences usually consist of wrapping up to keep warm on the foggy San Francisco shores. In the spirit of times past, here are some hot pics of boys showing off their booties at the beach. Click through for pics of beach booty!

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Thursday Night Boy Booty – Wet Booty

Is there anything quite as beautiful as water cascading over well-muscled gluteal mounds? Or beads of water collecting on perfectly rounded man ass? Or partially submerged booty, bubbling up out of the water like an island paradise?

To me, it’s art in its purest form. If you agree, then click through and enjoy the pics of wet naked boy booty after the jump.

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Thursday Night Boy Booty – Athletes

The upcoming Olympics inspired me to post some pics of athletes with muscled booties. More bootylicious pics after the jump.

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Thursday Night Boy Booty

Make sure to click on the link below to see tonight’s selection of delectable boy booty.

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Thursday Night Boy Booty – July 4th Edition

I’m headed out camping for the July 4th weekend. Enjoy a few pics of Boy Booty and the American Flag. Because, nothing says American like naked boy butt! (Click through to see the boy booty pics.)
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Thursday Night Boy Booty – Sprawled

Happy Gay Pride Everyone!

This week I had sprawled naked booty on my mind. I love the first three photos. Especially the very first photo in the gallery (top left). OMG. Makes me weak in the knees and very un-weak in the groin.
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Thursday Night Boy Booty – Couples

Tonight’s Boy Booty celebrates the great state of California making gay marriages legal. In the first day of gays being allowed to marry, over 2,500 gay and lesbian couples tied the knot. That number is simply magical. So, without further ado, here are some hot pics of two dudes and their booties… after the jump!

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