Musical Poetry

I stopped by Mollie Stones after the gym tonight. A homeless guy was sitting out front. I recognized him because I’ve bought him chocolate cake and milk a few times before. As I walked in he said something about poetry but I didn’t understand him because I was rushing past. I told him I’d bring him a piece of cake again. When I came back out and I kneeled down to give him his cake, he said that he writes poetry and asked if I’d like to hear one of his poems. So I slowed myself and stopped to listen. His poem was about music and its place and effect in our lives. It was a phenomenal poem. And given that my day started with a powerful musical experience, it was fitting that it ended with a unique music-related experience too. A few learnings: Sometimes you literally need to slow down and open yourself to enjoying the things around you. And if you stop to listen to people, like really listen, you might accomplish two goals: The other person will feel heard (which is exactly what some folks need at times), and you might find that your life ends up a little richer as well.

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