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Trevor Moran Made Me Grin Ear to Ear

This kid ROCKS it.

Samuel L. Jackson: Wake the F**k Up!

Who to Support to Hold the Senate

Senate forecasts are looking favorable for the Dems lately. It appears the Democrats have a strong chance of holding the Senate. But there are still six weeks to go until the November 6th election and the conservative SuperPACs are starting to unleash a deluge of money and attack ads. The game is far from over.

In 2006 I wrote up a guide for my friends on which candidates they should support to help take back the Senate. Of the 6 candidates I recommended, 5 won, and the Dems took control of the Senate.

With the flood of information spewing out during this unending election cycle, it might be a bit confusing for those looking to donate money. And more importantly, where to spend that money so it will make the biggest impact.

The Senate is key. Although there is a distant chance the Democrats could take back the House, the Senate MUST BE HELD. To help you better understand where to focus your support and dollars, I’ve compiled the following hand chart. Candidates are ranked in order of recommendation. For details about the categories, the candidates, and information on how to donate, click to read more after the image.

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In His Own Words: Tommy Thompson Wants to End Medicare & Medicaid

I’m hoping this goes viral and Tammy Baldwin surges in the polls because of it.

Being Single

This resonates with me.

Do You Believe in Life After Love?

I saw this on my friend Gabe’s Facebook page. As I said there: It’s possible this is better than the original. (And now the Cher god or her followers will likely smite me for speaking such blasphemy.)

Fair’s Fair

I love this image that my friend Stephanie sent me!


This made me uncontrollably laugh out loud. My roommates thought I’d gone crazy.

Life as a Comic Book

I saw this on Tumblr today and loved it. I can’t seem to track down the artist credits. I hope there are more like it out there and that I’ll stumble upon them.

Paul Ryan Booed at AARP

Oh this made my day.

This also helped brighten my day: Top Dem: Romney will give us the House

And Nate Silver’s model that predicts there’s a 77% chance that the Dems hold the Senate with 52 seats helped too.

Sarah Silverman: Let My People Vote

More at Let My People Vote

John Corvino: Is Homosexuality Unnatural?

This is really well done. Check out the others in his series.

via Unicorn Booty

New Hobbit Trailer

Yep. This is awesome.

Brinicle: Ice Finger of Death

Via Amazing Earth:

A strange underwater phenomenon they called “icicle of death” has been filmed by BBC crew in Antarctica.

Equipped with high end timelapse cameras, the group recorded salt water being excluded from the sea ice and sinking down to the ocean floor. The temperature of this brine is below 0C, causing water to freeze in an icy casing called “brinicle.”

When “brinicle” met the sea bed, a web of ice formed that froze everything it touched, including sea urchins and starfish.

Funny… “ice finger of death” is what I used to call my ex’s cold hands in the morning when he tried to initiate sex by grabbing my junk while I was warm under the covers.

Man Candy and Cupcakes

Presented without comment:

via Kickstarter

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