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Minimalist Heroes

I might just buy a print of this…


Let’s Talk About Budget Cuts…

A random van that was wandering New Hampshire to educate the populace on the way the US budget is divided. via

Jesus Was a Liberal Democrat

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Green Lantern by Gabriele Dell’Otto


Favorite Quote of the Day: Alex Pareene at Salon.com

Alex Pareene has a great blog post at Salon.com today titled, “How long will it take Republicans to demoralize their base?” My favorite part is his conclusion:

Maybe, perversely, the best way for Obama to battle the new Republican Congress is to actually work together with them as much as possible. Or at least look like he is. The Obama=Hitler message has been hammered home so effectively that he should just organize a friendly golf outing with John Boehner and make sure the Fox cameras are rolling while they share a smoke and a friendly chat. Then, sit back and watch the new conservative movement stay home.

(Of course, Obama should be careful to not work with the new Congress too much, because on the whole these people are insane.)

Humpday Hotness – Even More Nick Ayler

If you read my blog with any regularity, you know that I’m in love with Nick Ayler. This is something like the fifth time I’ve featured him as a Humpday Hotness. He’s just that amazing. Gorgeous brown hair, penetrating eyes, and gorgeous body.And most importantly, he has the most fantastic muscle butt ever. I fully plan on featuring him every time that I stumble upon more photos of him. Hopefully you appreciate Nick as much as I do. If not… um, are you freaking crazy? Blind? Hello?! Take another look. Or ten. You’ll see what I see eventually.

A few pics of Nick and his delectable booty after the jump

Humpday Hotness – Marlon Di Gregori

This sexy Southern Brazilian has been in my image database forever. I can’t believe it took me this long to finally feature him. Well, what can you do, right? I believe that the giant gallery of sexy photos after the jump will more than make amends for my keeping him from you for so long. Enjoy!

Oh, and I love love love the freckles all over his chest. I can totally relate. Although, I have way more than he does.


LOTS of pics of Marlon after the jump

Personifying San Francisco

Kevin over at The Uptown Almanac regularly blogs stuff that make me smile. Today was no exception. He references a thread on Reddit about how people would personify various cities. He calls out a personification of SF that he found lame, and one that made him happy. You should head over to his blog to read those. But the part that literally made me laugh out loud, was his own visual representation of SF. Brilliant.

In the Shadow of the Bunny

B-Boys Do the Jitterbug

This is one of the most awesome things I’ve seen in a long time. Two hip-hop b-boys dancing the Jitterbug.

Click through to see the similarities to a 1944 Jitterbug instructional video

Obama Sells Tax Compromise with a Pretty Pie Chart

As much as I want to hate the tax compromise and Obama’s inability to negotiate, this chart accomplished its goal with me. After looking at the blue vs. red slices of the pie, even I am convinced that the Democrats are getting the lion’s share of the compromise. That being said, Obama still capitulated (as always) and there’s no denying that damn red slice could’ve and should’ve been smaller.

The nice thing about this chart is that it represents Obama finally getting in the game of visually selling his policies. He’s attempting to communicate a story here while owning the political message. We’ve seen far too little of that in the last two years, so I’m happy to see the Obama admin get their heads in the game.

Of course, “selling” often includes some exaggeration or half-truths. Take #1 for example. I just watched a million talk shows and read a bunch of blogs this weekend that say the total job growth would be 2.2 million with the tax cuts. But jobs are expected to grow even without the cuts by roughly 1 million. So, it’s a little smoke-and-mirrors to suggest the tax cuts would be solely responsible for creating (or saving) 2.2 million jobs.

But, whatever. I say: Do what you must, Mr. Obama. But keep up this salesmanship for the next two years. You’re going to have to be in front of the American people selling your vision in ways we haven’t see you do since the campaign.

Unintended Consequences

This message would have the exact opposite effect if this iPod were left in the Gold’s gym locker room in the Castro. Just sayin…

via WGB

Tag Cloud: Senator Bernie Sanders’ Filibuster

Justice League: A Hardcore Parody

I am more disturbed by these pics than I was after seeing Black Swan last night. Whoever these people are, they should leave my JLA alone!

Thor Teaser Trailer

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