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Pink Fluffy Unicorns


The Unicorn of Destiny

Oh dude, this is the best. Someone retweeted it to me. And I melted it. Whoever this Taylor person is, he/she is a lucky human.

Superman XXX: A Porn Parody

Oh, I cannot wait. This is going to be a riot.

via The Sword (nsfw)

Humpday Hotness – Thanksgiving Cornucopia

I couldn’t decide who to pick for the pre-Thanksgiving Humpday Hotness. Then I had an epiphany: Why not give thanks for all the man fleshy hotness we’ve had the pleasure to ogle this year? After the jump, enjoy 75 samples of the hot faces, pecs, biceps, booties, and trouser snakes that we’ve featured in 2010’s Humpday Hotness posts. Be warned: Very NSFW.

Mega Humpday Hotness Gallery after the jump

Saturday Morning Commercials

From watching commercials during Saturday morning cartoons, I’ve determined that little girls are supposed to buy toys and video games that train them to be better:

– Baby sitters
– Shoppers
– Dressers
– Pet caretakers

There’s literally a video game called Babysitting Mama. WTF?

What’s next? Video games to teach little girls how to cook and clean better too? Sheesh.

Moving to the Center

Senate Dems Show Some Spine on DADT

I’m so proud that both my Senators (Boxer and Feinstein) spoke up in this press conference. This will do wonders for the gay community if the Dems can pull this off.

via WGB

Humpday Hotness – Kevin Baker

Kevin is downright gorgeous. Those eyes. That smile. Those cheek and jaw bones. And wait til you see the bubble butt he’s packing. So very delectably scrumptious…

More of Kevin’s gorgeous face and badonkadonk booty after the jump

Humpday Hotness – Peter Miller

There’s something about Peter’s heavy brows, big nose, and thick lips that me think very naughty thoughts. My only recommendation to him and future photographers that shoot him is to go with the smirk and smile and don’t do the furrowed brow thing. The furrowed brow looks too Neanderthal-ish. (Note the last picture in the photo gallery and you’ll see what I’m talking about.)

More sexy shots of Peter after the jump

Green Lantern Official Trailer Debuts

Hrm. I’m skeptical…

John McCain Caught John Kerry’s Flip-Flopiness

Rachel Maddow is fantastic here:

Lost in Translation

I think I’ve finally cracked the code to what my cat says when I walk in the door each night. It’s mere seconds before she’s on the banister to greet me. This is what I hear:

Meow, meow meow meow meow meow. Meow MEOW MEOOOOWWW. Meow…. meow. Meow? Meow. MEOW! MEEEEEOOOOWWW?!?!?!

Something clicked tonight and I’m pretty sure I finally accurately translated my cat’s language:

Yo. You fucker. I’m hungry. Huuuunnnnnngrrrrrryyyyyy. Hungry. Hun. Gry. HUNGRY. Why is there no food in my bowl and in my tummy? Feed me. NOW! FOOOOOOOODDD NOW?!

Yep, that’s an exact translation. You can quote me.

First Green Lantern Movie Footage Leaked

Oh. Hell. Yes.

Superhero Gangbang

This came to be in a roundabout way, via my friend Marc’s friend Jeff’s friend Jason. Needless to say, I really had to post it.

Winnie the Pooh Remake

It’s rare that Disney tones down the “go all out and make thing 3D explodey magical special effecty” and does something the right way. This remake of Winnie the Pooh looks like it has real potential to be, dare I say, good. Thanks to Benacker for giving me the heads up.

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