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Hi, I’m a Tea-Partier

Milk67: White Monks

Yeah so you really really need to watch this music video. It’s very NSFW, but whoa. So fucking hot.

via DQS

Naked Dude Rocks Out to Bon Jovi (Semi-NSFW)

This dude has badonkadonk booty for days. Wow. Just… wow!

via WGB

Humpday Hotness – Justin Edelman

Just like with Diego, I couldn’t find a whole lot of photos of Justin Edelman. But the pics from this photo shoot are more than enough — especially the last few pics… Bootylicious! Enjoy.

Justin and his cute booty after the jump

Humpday Hotness – Diego Franco

I stumbled on the following photo shoot of Diego Franco and I wanted more more more! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything else featuring Diego. So for now, this amazing country-boy photo shoot of the sexy Latin hottie will have to suffice. Rest assured that as soon as I find more photos of Diego, I’ll post them for your enjoyment.

The outdoorsy photo shoot after the jump

Daft Punk: Derezzed Video from TRON: Legacy

Yay Olivia!!

Clever Ad for Legalizing Marijuana in California

Proposition 19 – The New Leaf from ISHOTHIM on Vimeo.

Power Bottom Appreciation Day

Hell yes.

Steampunk Iron Man

This is sexy.

Via Laughing Squid and Oscar

President Obama: It Gets Better

This is completely unexpected. Of course, he couldn’t be outdone by Hillary Clinton. And let’s not forget: we need to repeal DADT and DOMA.

Thanks to WGB for the heads up.

The People’s Ad for Alexi Giannoulias (Illinois Senate)

Berkeley’s NIMBY Robot

Via Uptown Almanac

Humpday Hotness – Matthew Evangelisti

Matthew is 22 years old and just breaking into the modeling world. He says he was a wrestler in high school and college, which is where is rippling muscles must come from. Dayum! I sure hope Matthew continues breaking into the modeling scene and that we get to see a whole lot more of him. Annnnnd How!

Amazing naked modeling shots of Matthew after the jump

Humpday Hotness – Maxwell Zagorski

This native Floridan was the face of Abercombie & Fitch from 2006 to 2008. He went on to land the Levis Underwear gig for International Jock. Here’s hoping we see a lot more of this blondish hottie!


More great pics of this A&F hottie after the jump


I’m wearing a purple military-cut dress shirt today to show support for gay teens. I must say that I’m looking particularly cute. And I’m so humble too!

Back to the point. My buddy Ben Acker sent me this awesome purple-themed video and I knew I had to share it to bolster the spirit of the day:

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