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Awesome Green Lantern Sketch

Check out this awesome Green Lantern sketch by No-Sign-of-Sanity at Deviant Art. And make sure to click through to the rest of the post for an awesome sketch of Wonder Woman fighting Ares.

Click through to see the cool sketch of Wonder Woman

Nike Does Batman and Robin

Even though I haven’t worn high-tops since the 90s, these still appeal to me, for obvious reasons.

via Brass Monki

“Wavin’ Flag” by K’Naan

This is pretty awesome. Interactive and philosophical and inspiring. Yet again, big props to Ben Acker for sharing this one with me!

Geek Poetry


via I Can Has Internets

Batman Bleeds

I saw this on Tumblr and nearly jizzed myself because it’s so fucking awesome.

Wet and Wild: Nick Ayler for DNA Magazine

I sent Santa a special tweet the other day asking for Nick Ayler as a Christmas present. We’ll see if he responds. Right after I sent the tweet, however, Nick’s photos for his DNA Magazine spread hit the webs. Photographer Richard Gerst has done a fantastic job capturing Nick’s gorgeousness. All I have to say is: DAMN! These photos will certainly suffice until Christmas.

A gallery of the sexy DNA photo shoot after the jump

Sex Tape


via Dewitt Daily Does It (NSFW)


This reminds me of Wizard People, Dear Reader except for lots and lots of movies. Fun!

Thor Sporting Major Wood

I have to believe this was completely intentional…

via my buddy Ben Acker

Naked Hay Bayling Crazy Dude

I have no words to describe… Utterly speechless.

via I Can Has Internets

Egypt’s Homoerotic Coca-Cola Commercial


Bonus Humpday Hotness – Dominic Nel

Dominic Nel has a naughty past. Even though he happens to be straight, de did film some gay videos for EnglishLads.com a while back. Since then, this short little hottie (he’s 5’7″) has found his way into the professional modeling scene. I chose to feature Dominic as a bonus post today because of his candy sweet photo spread. You see, I’m being very good and not eating sweets lately. So, I figure I can live vicariously through Dominic as he literally dives into a mound of yummy treats.

More of the gorgeous Dominic after the jump

Humpday Hotness – Bo Berta

Bo is a former cage-fighting stud from Sarasota, Florida. Look at those eyes. And that body. And that butt. And… I could go on and on, but why don’t you just go take a look for yourself.

An amazing gallery of sexy Bo Berta after the jump

Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury

I love when she slaps the girl wearing the “I Heart Kurt Vonnegut” t-shirt. LOL

via I Can Has Internets


This song in stuck on infinite replay in my head so I decided to craft a little Photoshop tribute of my own:

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