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Green Lantern Motel

I was surfing Kayak for hotels around New Year’s and look what I stumbled upon! Okay, it’s only two stars, but the NAME! The NAME!!

“Nothing Obama Does Will Ever Make You F**king Happy”

First, Jon Stewart looks terrible with a goatee. Second, his point is clear: The Right will NEVER be happy with anything Obama does. They will criticize his every move, even it it’s a move they called for him to make (uhhh, the Sherrod scandal).

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Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Steve Carell

OMG, this is awesome!

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Steve Carell from Between Two Ferns

PAG – The Lady Is Dead

I spotted this video over at Homotography. While it’s a bit beyond my comprehension, I still found it visually stunning and sexually stimulating.

Homotography comments:

Director Roy Raz leaves me quite speechless with his new avant-garde video ‘The Lady is Dead.’ The captivating clip is set to the song ‘In His Shirt’ by The Irrepressibles, and well… you just have to watch (kinda NSFW) because I can’t really describe it.

Credits after the jump

Inception Flowchart: Are You in a Dream?


What He’s Really Thinking

I saw this fashion modeling pic and couldn’t help but guess what was going on in the mind of the sour-faced male model. I know he’s supposed to be looking all badass with a topless woman on each arm. But, c’mon. That’s not what he’s really thinking. This is more like it:

New Thor Movie Trailer

Holy shit. This looks like it could actually be really good.
My friend Chloe’s reaction: “Thorrrrrrrr, Now with more Hammer deth. LOL”

'Thor' Comic-Con Trailer
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Zac Efron’s CNN Interview

Apparently this promo piece for Charlie St. Cloud (um, yaaawwwwn), was important enough to make to the homepage of CNN. Yep, Breaking News!

Whatever, I’m not a hypocrite for posting it here. I’m not one of the big names in the National News Media… yet. Plus Zac is looking so damn fine these days, and he doesn’t sound like a complete idiot in this interview.

Dems Push ‘Republican-Tea Party Contract with America’

LEGO Inception


Humpday Hotness – Bryce Thompson

I’ve made a great friend at my tanning salon, but she’s moving to LA in a few days. I’m sad to see Kahla go, because she’s all kinds of fabulous. I know I’m a little sheltered in the ways of the gay. But Kahla is a rock star in the local gay community. And I’ve had amazing conversations with her on topics such as racism, sexism, politics, fashion, music, cute boys, and gay sex (Kahla and I apparently have very similar taste in men and preferred positions).

So Kahla is moving and I have a sad face. But, her parting gift was to illuminate the fact that her coworker Adam and I have a shared fetish: We both like big noses. He and I have already traded pics of various big-nosed guys and weighed in. So far we’re totally on the same page! So this post is dedicated to my new schnoz-festishist Adam.

Bryce Thompson is a model from South Africa. He’s got an adorable grin, a sexy lean and tall body, and best of all, a big prominent nose. Yum! If you love noses, you’re going to love Bryce…

More pics of Bryce and his sexy nose and body after the jump


Yep, this about sums it up.

New Green Lantern Movie Poster

I’m mostly unimpressed by this poster.

via DQS

Bill O’Reilly Calls for End to DADT

Fox’s former main attack dog goes on Jay Leno’s show and says Obama should just sign an executive order, stop the unfairness, and end DADT. Amazing. (Also, watch the whole clip to hear O’Reilly playfully slam Glenn Beck’s conspiracy theories!)

Women Kicking Ass: Sucker Punch Trailer

I have some issues with the scantily clad female characters and the notion that the main character devolves into a coma-like state to escape the abuses of her stepfather. However, I do like the idea of five or six women kicking the asses of their male captors in the real and imaginary world. Read more at Wikipedia. And check out the trailer:

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