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This Captures My Mood Perfectly

Nick Ayler Photo Update

Nick Ayler was our Humpday Hotness last week, and now there’s an update. Even better, they’re Rick Day shots, so Nick looks fantastic. Unfortunately, there are no peen photos. However, his sexy wavy long hair turns me on just the same.

A small gallery of Nick Ayler photos by Rick Day after the jump

Sunglasses & Tube Socks

This fucking killed me. I’m still cleaning up the coffee that I snorted out my nose when I saw these ads.

Photographer Calle Stoltz

Parody Abercrombie & Fitch Fragrance Ad

via Just Beautiful Men

LOST Re-enacted by Cats in 1 Minute

Teaser: The Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car


Iron Baby

Amazing. I love the giant safety pin as part of the armor.

via DQS

Princess of Power

I saw this on Tumblr just now. It’s funny because Princess of Power is the perfect nickname for me too. What do you think, She-Ra and I can both use it, right?

Are You Really a Mad “Scientist”??

LOST in 3 Minutes

I stopped watching a couple of seasons ago. This three minute summary of the deeper mysteries of the show makes me much more interested in picking back up and finishing.

Chace Crawford Is Still Pretty

I don’t get star struck when I meet stars in person. Sure, I gush about them here, in the anonymity of the blogosphere. But when I’ve met Hollywood types in person, I’m always struck by their normality.

That being said, if I ever met Chace Crawford in person, I’m not sure I’d be able to utter anything intelligible. His raw sex appeal and popularity would likely render me a babbling idiot. I’d be reduced to monosyllabic caveman like grunts and body gestures. However, I’m sure that laying down on my back with my ankles behind my ears would sufficiently convey the appropriate message/invitation to my cute little Chacey-poo.

User Generated Someecards

Nagu sent this my way. These are freaking hilarious user generated Someecards. Brilliant.

My Little Pony: Live-Action Trailer

I have not laughed that hard in a long time. Well, since yesterday. (I laugh a lot.) Still, this shit cracked me up.

Exterface: STUD!

You’ve seen me blog about Exterface before (Boy Wonder, Super Lover, Men in Lace, and most recently Unicorn). You might see a pattern emerging, a pattern of me loving Exterface’s man flesh-laden photography. Their newest photo spread STUD! made me feel all tingly down there. This boy is adorable in his geekshiek glasses, suspenders, and bunny ears. And his bubbly bodacious booty is delectable in that jockstrap. Haawwwt!

Make sure to check out the entire STUD! gallery.

And check out a few of my faves after the jump

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