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Thor: First Look at Chris Hemsworth as Hammer God

I’m digging it. Chris Hemsworth is a hottie and they really got it right in this promo picture. The cape is brilliantly red, and the armor looks fucking rad. What I really want to see now is a picture of Thor’s big hammer.

Very Mary-Kate: Awesome YouTube Series

I saw one of the Very Mary-Kate episodes (the one with the sexy shirtless bodyguard) on Towleroad this morning. Then I clicked through and watched the rest. They’re hilariously power-packed for just one minute episodes. I’ve included a few of my favorites below, and several more after the jump. Make sure to check all of the episodes out at Very Mary-Kate’s YouTube channel.

Nightmare (hot, shirtless body guard)

MK Dates Zac Efron

More of my favorite VeryMaryKate clips after the jump

These Guys Are Going Straight to Hell

OMG. It’s so wrong but it’s so right.


Jon Stewart Rips Apple a New Apphole

OMG. Thank you Jon Stewart for saying what needed to be said.

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Cherry Battle

My boss Maria told me I really needed to watch Andy Samberg’s newest digital short, Cherry Battle. It’s, um… different. I did laugh, but more out of confusion.

Bonus Humpday Hotness – Nuno Branco

From Nuno’s Model Mayhem profile:
hi everyone im a 29yo interior design student in london done some modelling on the side for advertising and club promotion last few years but very sporadically. love photography and im always looking to experience new stuff with talented photographers. particularly keen on doing outdoor pics as i dont have any in my folio so far so hit me up if u need a fit model. Nuno

Check him out at MM, YouTube, and Twitter. And mad props to photographer Dylan Rosser for the amazing photos, yet again. This guy is a photographic master.

More of this grinning cutie and tushie after the jump

Humpday Hotness – Allen Walker

There’s not much to say because I can’t find out much about this hottie. Allen is a model for Aberzombie and is represented by Nous models. Oh, and he’s fucking hot. The end.

More shots of Allen after the jump

Paper Man: The Movie

Paper Man is an indie film in which Ryan Reynolds plays Jeff Daniels’ super hero imaginary friend. Two things: 1) If Ryan Reynolds looks this hot in spandex, I can’t wait to see his CGI suit in Green Lanter, and 2) RR better not being his silly-stupid persona to Green Lantern, like he does in every other movie, including this one.

Arizona Immigration Bill Implementation Tutorial

New Iron Man Armor

via Lene

Awesome Minimalist Superhero Posters

Screen Rant has created a great assortment of minimalist super hero posters. Make sure to visit their site for all thirty amazing photos. Here are a few of my faves:

A Copy of the Internet


Obama Joins the Blue Lantern Corps

Fucking. Awesome.

via Gfest and via Marc

Crayola Thanks the Tea Party

Zomg. This is awesome.

via WGB

How Europeans View the United States

Hilarious, if not factually inaccurate in a couple of cases (Salem witch trials were in Salem, MA, not Salem, OR). But that’s okay, what it lacks in accuracy, it makes up for with little hidden gems. Make sure to read Washington state, and Wyoming. Awesome.

click to enlarge

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