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Fanpics of Chris Evans as Captain America

He kinda has a dopey look on his face. I’m not buying his as Captain America, yet. Hopefully the real pics will be more convincing.

via Towleroad via Film School Rejects

In My Sleep: Sexy Thriller Movie

Holy crap. Check out the body (specifically the pecs) on Phillip Winchester. I’m fairly convinced this movie was created simply to showcase Phillip’s body. And hey, I am sooo not complaining. I’m totally going to see it. Movie website here.

Thanks to Tree for the heads up.

Pikachu Bus!

This needs to happen at Burning Man soon. Japanese kindergartners can’t be allowed to have all the fun.

Bonus Humpday Hotness – Andy Speers

DNA cover guy #123 – Andy Speer – is a Northern California native who is not only into kickboxing and Jujitsu but also gymnastics, track and of course bodybuilding. When asked where he likes to get a good work out, he tells DNA that the beach is the best place for soccer, swimming and sex. Photos by Richard Gerst.

Some amazing NSFW shots from Andy’s DNA spread after the jump


Via my friend Dustin. Check out the amazing set of Teabonics photos at Flickr:

These are signs seen primarily at Tea Party Protests.
They all feature “creative” spelling or grammar.
This new dialect of the English language shall be known as “Teabonics.”

Humpday Hotness – Braeden Baade

Lifted this from another blog somewhere:

Absolutely stunning Braeden Baade. Braden is 23 year old male model based in Tampa Florida. Braeden, currently a college student is a new face on the world of male modeling. [As a] bouncer, Braeden was frequently referred to as Batman.

Ummm… I’ll be the Robin to Braeden’s Batman, any day.

More of the Beautiful Braeden after the jump

The Difference

The difference between Marketing, PR, Advertising, and Branding:

$250 HDMI Cables: Total Rip-Off

Budget Planner – Mint.com

I’m Happy for Ricky Martin

I haven’t written about the Rick Martin coming out story yet because I’ve waiting, observing, and taking it all in. I did tweet it immediately upon it hitting the gay blogosphere. But my tweet was matter of fact. No commentary. I’ve been intrigued by the varied responses on Twitter and on the gay blogs.

There have been the supportive responses which include things like:

– Hooray! Welcome to the club.
– Good for you!
– So happy for you, Ricky.
– Glad you found the peace of mind to share this with the world.

And the cynical responses, which basically sound like this:

– Duh, like we didn’t already know.
– Stating the obvious, much?
– Like it matters now? Would have had more impact when you were still relevant.
– And, I’m supposed to care, why?
– 30 years too late.

I certainly believe that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. But it’s important to note that the sarcastic reactions to Ricky’s announcement were almost identical to Sean Hayes’ coming out a few weeks ago. Why the cynicism? Shouldn’t we be happy that people come out at all? Are we, the gay digerati, so trapped in our big homo-friendly bubbles that we’ve forgotten how hard it is to come out of the closet?

Keep in mind that people around the globe will now see Ricky Martin, an out and proud gay man, raise two beautiful sons. And that the Latin world will see one of their own, whom they have adored since his adolescence, bravely embrace his identity.

He’s gorgeous, smart, talented, politically active, and a humanitarian. And now he’s an out member of the gay community. Why wouldn’t we be excited about this? Not that we need to throw him a parade to honor his announcement or anything. But anytime we can augment our numbers, especially with someone as outspoken and publicly visible as Ricky Martin, we should be happy.

And that’s what I am: Happy. I’m happy that Ricky Martin can live his life more openly and honestly. I’m happy that our community’s voice is one beautiful voice stronger. I’m happy that one more person found the courage to come out, and in so doing hopefully has given many more closeted gays and lesbians the courage to do the same.

Update: A great commentary of the effect Ricky’s coming out might have on the Latino world.

Most Badass Alphabet Ever

Now this is the way to teach kids the alphabet! A few of my personal faves include:

Artist: Neill Cameron

Lady Gaga feat. Sesame Street – Telephone

Priest Off

So so so wrong.

Girls and Action Figures

LOL. Love it!

He Kissed A Boy

Check out this gay glam rock remake of I Kissed A Girl. Pretty hot.

via Towleroad


Finally, an easy way to remember this stuff.

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