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The Way Cat’s See Things

via Cracked.

Supplement Efficacy

Interesting. Of the things I take, only one is above the “worth it” line. But, all the other ones I take are still in the conflicting category. Plus, I’m not the average adult with an average diet. I put my body through tons of extra stress with weight training and I take various drugs that deplete vitamin B and C. So, I feel okay about my supplement usage, for now…

My supplements, according to this chart include: Worth it: Creatine. Conflicting: Glucosamine, 5HTP, Arginine, Vitamin C, Vitamin Bs, Resveratol.

Nancy Pelosi, You Rock!

She reminds the summit that the public option would save 120 billion, that it is already law to not publicly fun abortion, and points out many other important key factual inaccuracies. Give ’em hell, Nancy!!

Pooh vs. Hobbes

This. Is. Awesome.

Also, check out the comment section of the original post for a lengthy discussion on using apostrophe “s” to convey Noun+is. Yay for internet grammar debates!

Fully Sick Rapper: Life in Quarantine

I saw this over at Towleroad and was smitten. This guy is silly and funny and awesome. A must watch. Apparently he got sick while traveling and got a whole in his lung. Now he’s been quarantined for seven or eight weeks. His most recent video is below and is wicked sick (heh heh). Some of his previous videos are damn good too (after the jump).

More of the Fully Sick Rapper, including the story of how he got sick, after the jump

Simon’s Cat

Oh dude, these are funny. And the “Fly” and “Tv Dinner” episodes hit so close to home.

Amazing Cave in the Middle of London

Whoa, pavement art is so damn cool:


Click image to make it bigger. Original is located here.
The World of Chickens
Via: Online Schools

Wiccan and Hulking from Young Avengers

I stumbled upon this on Tumblr today. Cute.

Rep. Anthony Weiner Tells it Like it Is


Watch this. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) calls the Republican Party a “wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry.” Awesome.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Google: If We Tell You to Buzz, You Will Buzz

Republicans Preemptively Strike: The Blair House Project

In advance of the Health Care Summit tomorrow held at The Blair House, the NRCC launched this ad. I give them points for creativity. But, with “teabaggers” and now this quote, “They’re going to ram it down our throats,” I just can’t help but feel that a bunch of horny Republicans need to get laid and relax a little.

Humpday Hotness – Santiago Peralta

Santiago Peralta is one hella fine Argentine model. If you read interviews with him, he has this eternally optimistic outlook on life. It’s great to see someone that hot and successful be so grounded and happy. Also, he totally has CSL (cock sucking lips). Am I right?!

Enjoy tons of great pics of Santiago’s pouty protuberances after the jump, and a couple of cute videos, too.

More of sexy Santiago after the jump

17 Awesome LEGO Creations

I really really want to go to LEGOLand. 15 more awesome LEGO creations here.

via Orange

The “UFO Houses” of Tapei

Whoa, these are cool… Read more and see more here.

via Unzipped

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